History of Film

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  • The Bet

    The Bet
    There was a bet that a horse had all of its legs were up at once. They hired a professional photographer. He set up a rig to take multiple pictures. It gave the idea of moving pictures.
  • The First Projector Was Made.

    The First Projector Was Made.
    The Lumiere brothers made the first movie projectors based on another person's idea. they made it thinking it would make them money and little did they know it would make an amazing industry.
  • The First Moving Picture.

    The First Moving Picture.
    Edison and Dickson invented a motion the picture camera and peephole.only one viewer at a time. They thought that if many people can see at one time then they would get less money.
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    the first movie with different scenes. still had no people talking.
  • Credits

    The first time credits were involved was when credit was shown at the beginning of movies
  • First 3D Movie

    First 3D Movie
    "the power of love". the first 3d movie.
  • The First Movie With Sound.

    The First Movie With Sound.
    It was the first movie with sound. It was called "The Jazz Singer".
  • Technicolor

    Makes movies have color. It was the first solution for color in movies.
  • New Wave

    New Wave
    Late 50's early 60's. French new wave gets onto the film scene.
  • First VHS

    First VHS
    The VHS was first introduced by JVC in japan.
  • Disney Buys Pixar

    Disney Buys Pixar
    Disney pays 7.4 billion for Pixar animation studios. it started the company's rain on entertainment.
  • Highest Grossing Film of All Time.

    Highest Grossing Film of All Time.
    James Cameron's 3D film Avatar become the highest-grossing film of all time.