History of Film

Timeline created by Chris Akeju
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  • First Public Display

    First Public Display
    The first film shown in public was in the 1890s. The theater the film was played in was built in 1899.Film companies began to built film studios around 1900
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    The Edison Corporation produced the first western short film in 1903.
  • New York

    New York
    The New York times published the first movie review .The report was on D.W. Griffith's Pippa Passes
  • Television

    The invention of television
  • James Dean death

    James Dean death
    The Waterfront nearly sweeps Academy Awards in 1854 Winning Best Picture,Best Actor,Best Support Actress and Best Director.
    James Dean died later in a car accident at age 26
  • French New Wave

    French New Wave
    Jeans-Luc Godard's created Breathless. The French New Wave use the jump cut, Hand held camera and loose, improvised direction.They made 90,000 in just four weeks.
  • West Side story

    West Side story
    West Side story is ready for the big screen and soon will win Oscars for Best picture,Supporting Actor,Supporting Actress and Directing
  • Patton

    George C. Scott gave one of the most memorable performances in Patton. He won Best Actor Oscar but refused to take the gold statuette
  • Star Wars

    Star Wars
    Star wars hits the theaters for the first time.
  • Warner Bros

    Warner Bros
    Warner Bros announces a 11 year old British actor will play a titular wizard in Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
  • 3D films

    3D films
    With improving tech. 3D films became more popular.New IMAX facilities offering larger format screens were constructed
  • Disney

    The Walt Disney co.pays 7.4 billion Pixar Animation Studios.The studio also created Toy Story films,Monster inc, Finding Nemo, etc