History of Film

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  • History

    This genre of film is made to tell you how someone lived or what happened in the past. The history behind the films must be true or they will be accounted for as an unchecked film. The good things about these kind are that you can learn from these like a documentary. But most of the time they are used for school stuff really.
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction

    Fiction is an oddball of things, it is not real. Non-Fiction is a representation of the real world. They are both different in the ways of that one shows about real world situations and the other is a bunch of stupid stuff. The matter of any of these things is that you cannot combine these two genres into the same thing.
  • Comedy (L'Arroseur Arrosé L'Arroseur Arrosé)

    Comedy, an ideal type of fun for some audiences could see. But, L'Arroseur Arrosé L'Arroseur Arrosé (Was also known as Waterer Watered and The Sprinkler Sprinkled) was a french black and white film based around the matter of being funny. This type of movie was a marvel to the public and it started off with a new genre, comedy. It was an ideal project that inspired the idea of making films that would be fun.
  • Horror (The Devil's Castle)

    The brand of Horror is odd for some people, there are different kinds of fear to deal with in movies. But, movies like The Devil's Castle gave it an odd appearance for this genre. The basics of this was to mess with the fear of some people in the audience throughout the lands. Horror was given the name meaning for its type of way it affected the audience.
  • Disaster (Fire!)

    Disaster movies are an abnormal type of movies, but the genre hasn't hit rock bottom at all. These types of movies make a feel of isolation of what happens to the world or at a place. "Fire!" was a great form of this type. These films tend to have story behind the mater of all the things around a certain character. In "Fire!" the main person is in trouble in a burning building but at the end is rescued for the main bits of the story.
  • Animation

    Animation is an odd genre for the business, and it is harder to make because its not real people in the film. Animation can be around any type of genre such as Horror, Comedy, and even Drama. The works of animation are not really simple compared to acting out things. But in all honesty the works of animation can be good depending on how well the art functions.
  • Drama (The Birth of a Nation)

    Drama has always been about why some things happen, it could be an act of dread, or an act of fun. Drama is different than Comedy or Adventure movies. These movies were inspired by the art of the play, (Which most of the movies come from the work of plays) sets a boundary around the center of a film for its own parts. This genre is an odd type, but it has brought us great films for our past, and for our own ways of seeing things.
  • Superhero (The Mark of Zorro)

    Superhero movies are kinda cliché to were it doesn't make sense on how people do these things. But, the movies were inspired by a great plan of the marvels of the heros. The movie "The Mark of Zorro" was made around the bases of a hero/bandit that was like Robin Hood, but with a lance/rapier. The movie brought inspiration along all the the audience and gave great ideas for new movies.
  • Documentary

    These type of films have no story to them, they are just to teach you about some things either about someone or something. Documentaries are just plain out educational for anyone. It will tell you facts abut someones life story, or somethings surroundings. There is no point to them, but to learn from them.
  • Swashbuckler (Robin Hood)[Black and White]

    Swashbucklers, these type of movies are filled with some action like an adventure movie but with more... fighting, adventure, and story. A good Swashbuckler movie I can think of is Robin Hood (Black & White). Robin Hood gave a type of adventure feel to movies that were meant with some story, this type of genre made movies such as Peter Pan and such. This genre is a fascinating addition to the Action and Adventure side of movies.
  • Thriller (The Lodger)

    One of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller (Which is also one of the first thrillers). In terms of the reason it was made for suspenseful feel to film. It is special due to the fact of the fear that it would represent in the people in the movie, and the people watching it too. The thriller genre is an odd type for the people back then, but it gave a spotlight for more ideas to bloom.
  • Fantasy (Jungle Book)

    Fantasy is an oddball brand of movies, but stands out where it belongs. This type of movie brought the idea of fictional things happening around the main character. The Jungle Book is a great example, there is a boy who is living in the jungle for who knows how long, but finds animals that are able to talk with him. This is the bases of a film that shows the genre of Fantasy.
  • Spy (James Bond)[Dr.No]

    This genre of the theatre was kind of unspoken of, it never really gave anyone any interest. But when Dr. No(James Bond) came out it started to rile up the audience with the amazements that were seen. This genre of film was a kick-starter for even more ideas for movies. Spy movies were given a bad name until it was truly recognized.
  • Science Fiction (Star Wars)

    Science Fiction type movies have been around for over several decades, but Star Wars made an impact on the genre. The genre of Science Fiction is different than most other movies, These type of movies give a more futuristic feel to the movie careers. Star Wars was an amazing film (which later in the future had more episodes) that made this type of genre blow up in the film industries. The genre of Science Fiction will never be forgotten due to its amazing films that were inspired by it.