History of Film

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  • First movie ever releases

    First movie ever releases
    Roundhay Garden scene was the first recorded film. It was made by Roundhay Garden Scene. It featured a man in a suit walking next to a woman in a dress. Film link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4td3ARcFOkM
  • MonkeyShines

    Monkeyshines comes out and is the first american film to come out. Some sources say this film was made in 1889 and some say in 1890. This movie later gets 2 sequels
  • 1903 Alice in Wonderland

    1903 Alice in Wonderland
    In 1903 Alice in wonderland releases and is the first British movie to come out. It was also the first silent film to come out. This film was also one of the first films to have people in animal costumes.
  • Roosevelt in Africa

    Roosevelt in Africa
    This was one of the first films to feature a president figure. This film was also the first movie to feature the real president of the U.S, Theodore Roosevelt. This movie was also a early documentary
  • Steamboat Willie

    Steamboat Willie
    First Mickey Mouse Film. Walt disney makes one of the first animated films. This Film marks the beginning for a series of animated films and the Mickey mouse series.
  • Gone With the Wind

    Gone With the Wind
    This movie came out and was the longest movie at that time. Along with this movies release came color and people could finally see. Along with this movie came a series of other films with color
  • Color TV is invented

    Color TV is invented
    Color TV is invented and people can now regularly watch tv in color. Cinema is no longer the only thing with color. Color tv came out at $1250.
  • Film plumeted

    in the 1950's people perferred to stay at home. Revenue plemeted from $1.4B to $900M. People decided to stay home because they thought it was more rewarding.
  • Advancement

    In the 1960's movies become more violent and more gore. They become more sexually explicit as values changed. American films had more of a variety now.
  • Superman released

    Superman released
    Super-Man releases and makes $300M. Along with this release this was the first superhero movie. This movie marked the beginning of an era
  • Star Wars EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Releases

    Star Wars EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Releases
    This movie continues the Star Wars series and introduces geniosly made scripts. This movie also helps popularize Mark Hamil who then goes onto make more animated series and movies. This movie also generated $549.3M.
  • Titanic comes into theatres

    Titanic comes into theatres
    Titanic comes into theatre and has a $250M-$300M budget. It becomes the most expensive film of all time.The film makes $2.1950B.