history of film

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  • first movie

    in 1895 the first movie was made it was in black and white and had no sound at all
  • animation

    in 1832 was when the earliest animation was created. it was black and white and no sound
  • birth of cinemas

    in 1877 it was the birth of cinemas the first cinema was built and soon many would follow it
  • first camera

    in 1891 thomas edison invented the first camera. it was a camera that recorded black and white and had poor quality.
  • creation

    moving pictures was finally screened to audiences. The films was very short featuring events that actually happened and was called actualities one was called the sneeze and the kiss
  • special effects and projector

    in 1895 the first special effect was made and used in a movie and the first projector was invented
  • The devils castle

    this was the first horror movie to be made. it was only 3 minutes long. it was also silent and it black and white
  • films

    films started to get longer and longer and they had some sort of story to it some even included special effects. just like a trip to the moon by georges melies.
  • fantasmagorie

    french animated film by emile cohl. the film was created by drawing each frame on paper and then shooting each frame onto negative film which gave them a black board look
  • the warner brothers

    the warner brothers were set up in 1918. it is one of the major film studios, it is a subsidiary of time warner, with its headquaters in burbank, california
  • dracula

    The first thriller to made was about count dracula called, nosfratue. this film was directed by F.W. murnau
  • the first talking film

    in 1927 they had the first talking movie, "jazz singer" this movie changed the film production
  • Color

    the first film tu use technicolor were produced in 1939 just like the wizard of oz
  • motion pictures

    The motion picture industries adopts the Production Code, a set of guidelines that describes what is acceptable in movies.
  • 1940's

    The desire for wartime propaganda created a renaissance in the film industry in Britain, with realistic war dramas like 49th Parallel, Went the Day Well? The Way Ahead and Noël Coward and David Lean’s celebrated naval film In Which We Serve in.
  • 1950

    popularity of epic films resulted in bigger screens, an early form of todays widescreen technology
  • the first surround sound

    in 1977 the first movie with surround sound was made and that was 'star wars IV'
  • tron

    1982 was when tron was made and tron was the first film to actually use CGI (computer generated imagery)
  • digital cameras

    the first film to be filmed mostly using digital cameras - meaning that digital editing was used during star wars I
  • issues

    Saw the beginning of a growing problem of digital distribution to be overcome with regards to expiration of copyrights, content security, and enforcing copyright. There is higher compression for films, and Moore’s law allows for increasingly cheaper technology.