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History of Film

By Ayyojo
  • How it started

    How it started
    It all started with a $25,000 bet, to see if a horse has all four hoves are off the ground at one point. After they looked at the pictures really fast it made it look like the horse was actually running. And this what started the moving picture film.
  • Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau

    Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau
    Plateau developed and markets the Phenakistiscope, or a small toy that provides the illusion of moving pictures. Making it fun for on the go. This was the thing to get before the kinetophonograph.
  • Celluloid roll film experiments

    Celluloid roll film experiments
    George Eastman was the first to experiment with celluloid roll film. This flim did require hand cranking, but the pictures looked smoother to look at while watching. Plus cellluloid allowed you to watch the moving pictures with friends.
  • The making of the first motion

    The making of the first motion
    William Kennedy Laurie Dickson develops the the Kinetophonograph while working for Thomas Alva Edison. This knew invention allowed everyone to see the motion pictures. The only disadvantage was it was only for one person.
  • The earliest whole film record

    The earlies twhole film record at the Library of Congress, Fred Ott's Sneeze, is shot. Edison applies patents for the Kinetograph (his motionn picture camera) and the kinetoscope (his pephle viewer).
  • Portable cranked Camera?

    Portable cranked Camera?
    Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas developed the cinmatograph, a portable, cranked operated camera. This camera allowed you to film anywhere you wanted at anytime. Just keep an extra lights around for after dark.
  • First movie theater

    First movie theater
    Kinetoscope parlor was the very first movie theater during this time. The moving pictures were only made for one person, so you couldn't watch the moving pictures with friends. The kinetoscope parlor also cost money to see the moving pictures
  • the Lumiere brothters

    the Lumiere brothters
    They shot their first film, Workiers leaving the Lumiere Factory. The first movie theatre opens in Paris where the Lumiere brothers shot their first film. They will shoot here several times.
  • First public showing

    First public  showing
    This was the first day of the public showing of a motion picture to a paying audience. Thomas Edison and Tomas Armat's Vitascope were in the audience as well.
  • Trip to the moon

    Trip to the moon
    Gearge Melies shoots the Trip to the Moon. Marking the first significant use of both narrative and special effects. Giving it that extrta something to the film.
  • Major American motion pictures

    Major American motion pictures
    The major American motion picture companies form the Motion Picture Patents Company and usher in the Trust War. This company didn't last long and faded away when 1915 came around.
  • Mary Pckford

    Mary Pckford
    Pickford was an Canadian-born actress, who later on created the Mary Pickford Film Corporation in Hollywood. She became the first movie star yo form and own a film company.