History Of Film

Timeline created by trinity123
  • zoetrope

    same as the phenakistiscope but cylindrical when it spins you look throught the slots to see the movement .
  • leland stanford

    leland stanford
    In 1878 ex California governor Leland Stanford made
    $25,000 bet on the question
    "do all four hooves of a horse level the ground simultaneously?"
    12 cameras were placed along a race track and the
    cameras trigged by the horse breaking the string attached to the camera shutter causing the 12 cameras to
    take individual still pictures
  • George Eastman

    George Eastman
    In 1888 George Eastman marketed the first celluloid film.
    He introduced the simple hand-held box camera that made popular photography possible. The Kodak camera with a roll of transparent film was cheap enough for all pockets and could be used by a child.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison , the inventor of phonograph and the electric light bulb.In 1891, Thomas Edison built a Kinetoscope, or peep-hole viewer.
  • Black Maria

    First motion picture studio made by edison and dickson
  • Kintiscope

    In 1894 the first kintiscope parloers in new york. For about two years the Kinetoscope was highly profitable, but it was eclipsed when other inventors, inspired by Thomas Edison’s new device, found ways to project films on a screen.
  • fred otts sneeze

    fred otts sneeze
    the first copy righted film in the usa.
  • lumeiare brothers

    lumeiare brothers
    credited with the worlds first public film screening. showing about ten short films lasting only 20 min in the basement of a cafe.
  • george miles

    george miles
    george miles was a magician who owned at theater untill he got interested in movies so he made his first film trip to the moon in 1902
  • Edwin S.Porter

    Edwin S.Porter
    edwin is the mos timportant american filmmaker of the early period becasuse he made the first story film and also used parallel editing.
  • The Great Train Robery

    The Great Train Robery
    narrative story with multipul plotlines
    two seperate lines of action happening continuously at the same time but in different places first stunt ever done in film history (dummy thrown off train)
  • sucsess of GTR

    made movies more famous films were getting longer and started being shown in theaters.
  • nickelodeons

    addmission was only a nickle and you were able to see shortfilms in a theater.
    first movie theaters.
  • No Copyright

    tere was alot of paroting in 1907 because there was no copyright so people who borrowed the movies or baught them coule easily say that they made them.
  • character psychology

    character psychology motivated actors to bring realism to the movies by acting how they would in real life if put in that stiuation

    by the mid 1910 films were no longer short they were long and slapstick not very serious
  • edwins last film

    edwins last film
    edwin melise produced his last film in 1912