History of Film

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  • Movie cameras

    Movie cameras
    The very first patented film camera was the one devised by Wordsworth Donisthorpe in 1876. Another film camera was designed in England by Frenchman Louis Le Prince in 1888.
  • The first ever motion picture

    The first ever motion picture
    The first ever motion was of a horse running to see if all hooves were off of the ground when running.British photographer Eadweard Muybridge takes the first successful photographs of motion, showing how people and animals move.
  • Running Horses

    Running Horses
    A series of horses running was the first form of motion picture. The pictures were initially used to prove that all 4 hooves of a horse are off the ground at once
  • who invented the motion picture camera

    who invented the motion picture camera
    The motion picture camera was created by Thomas Edison and Wiliam Friese-Greene. Thomas used an invention that let people watch showns through a peephole.
  • Evolution of film

    Evolution of film
    Film started off with 30 to 60 second short films that people paid to see. later movies got longer.
  • Special effects

    Special effects
    Alfred Clark created what is commonly accepted as the first-ever motion picture special effect. While filming a reenactment of the beheading of Mary, Queen of Scots, Clark instructed an actor to step up to the block in Mary's costume
  • First comedy film

    First comedy film
    L'Arroseur Arrosé L'Arroseur arrosé also known as The Waterer Watered and The Sprinkler Sprinkled was the first comedy film made.
  • First horror movie

    First horror movie
    The first horror movie was "Le Manoir du Diable" created in 1896
  • First Movie theater

    First Movie theater
    The first theater in the world was the Nickelodeon where admission was a nickel.
  • First Cartoon

    First Cartoon
    First Animated Cartoon Ever. “Fantasmagorie“ is a French animation film by Émile Cohl created in 1908.
  • Movie trailers

    Movie trailers
    The first trailer shown in an American film theater was in November 1913, it was a short promotional film for the musical The Pleasure Seekers, opening at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway.
  • first 3D film

    first 3D film
    World's first 3D feature film - given by film maker and inventor Harry K. Fairall, entitled The Power of Love. It opened at the Ambassador Hotel Theatre in Los Angeles on September 27th 1922 - and the reviews were very favourable.
  • First sound movie

    First sound movie
    The first movie with sound was The Jazz Singer, released in October 1927. The movie was a hit.
  • Oscars

    The first Oscar was awarded May 16, 1929; 88 years ago.
    Oscars are given to actors and movies.
  • Transition to color

    Transition to color
    The most well-known movies to use color were "The Wizard of Oz" and "Gone With the Wind", both from 1939.
  • B&W cinema

    B&W cinema
    Black-and-white images are not usually starkly contrasted black and white. They combine black and white in a continuum producing a range of shades of gray.
  • explicit content

    explicit content
    Filmmakers increasingly depicted explicit sexual content and showed gunfight and battle scenes that included graphic images of bloody deaths.
  • At home movies

    At home movies
    Movie stores allowed you to buy or rent video tapes, compared to going to the movie theatre.
  • IMAX

    More films began being released simultaneously to IMAX cinema, the first was Disney animation Treasure Planet.
  • 3D popularity

    3D popularity
    3D in animation gets popular the best critical and financial success was the feature film animation of Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar’s Toy Story 3.