history of film

By twalk35
  • the magic lantern

    a science named athanasius kircher came up with the idea of projecting hand shadows using what they call a magic lantern they would useone light source and project their hands on wall
  • puppet shows

    puppet shows is one of the origins of film to be recorded and has been around for 30,000 peformed infront of hundreds of people and was the greatest form of entertainment
  • editing

    editing made movies more refined although they did not get paid much they did everything to make it perfect
  • advasncement of cameras

    the first cameras for filming were attached to cars but the first rotating camera was invented by robert paul it was attached to worm gear and used a crank
  • animation

    the first use of animation in flm was 1n 1899 a stop motion for the british telling people to send matches it was made with slightly alterd cameras with only one frame per crank
  • Nickeloden

    the name nickeloden came from a movie theater were it only cost a nickel to see it also helped the apeal of film and is now a popular tv channel
  • the golden age of hollywood

    this was the time were sound was put into movies more known as "talkies" although they were poor quality there were also other movie genres like gangstars,musicals,and scewball comedies
  • hollywood during the war

    during ww2 hollywood did a lot of propaganda mainly to get people to either join the war or show how bad the other people were and in some cases make fun of them
  • influential actors in the 50"s

    marlon brando wil infuence the acting we have today by his realistic methods another actor will be elvis presley he was know for his music but did act in movies too
  • television vs there

    there took a major decline when the tv was invented because every one had one in thier homes
  • increase cost of actors

    actors started demanding more with made them cost more studios paid for jets,trainers andother personal stuff and extras
  • spending and special effects

    due to major spendings and the the use of special effects the cost of movies went up to about 5 dollars and the average cost to make a movie was 54 million