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  • First Zeotrope

    First Zeotrope
    The first Zeotrope was invented by William George Horner. It was a mechanical form of a motion picture "projector" that created the illusion of motion.
  • The Matrix effect!

    The Matrix effect!
    Matrix effect was created by using static cameras. Muybridge created the "galloping Hourse"
  • The Praxinoscope

    The Praxinoscope
    The praxinoscope was invented by Emile Reynaud. it used a strip of photographs placed around the inner surface of a spinning cylinder. (See picture)
  • "Inventor of Cinema"

    "Inventor of Cinema"
    Marey "Inventor of Cinema" made photographic gun that could take 12 photos per second !! Known as chrono photography.
  • The Biophantascope,

    The Biophantascope,
    William Friese-Greene and John Rudge invented an enhanced magic lantern. It became one of the earliest motion picture cameras and projectors. Biophantascope,
  • Golden Age of Comedy begins

    Golden Age of Comedy begins
    Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Harry Langdon, and Laurel and Hardy are all making films as the Golden Age of Comedy begins.
  • Nitrate celluloid film

    Nitrate celluloid film
    Nitrate celluloid film (a chemical combination of gun cotton and gum camphor) was invented by Hannibal W. Goodwin from America.
  • Single-lens camera.

    Single-lens camera.
    French inventor Louis Augustin Le Prince developed a single-lens camera. He used his camera to make the very first moving picture sequences (of traffic on a Leeds, England bridge), by moving the film through a camera's sprocket wheels by grabbing the film's perforations. Many called it the first movie ever shot and then shown to the public.
  • Kodak

    George Eastman introduced the lightweight, inexpensive "Kodak" camera. It used paper photographic film all rolled up. Eastman registered the trademarked name Kodak.
  • Celluloid Film

    Celluloid Film
    George Eastman presented his new celluloid film that replaced large bulky cameras.
  • "First Film"

    "First Film"
    The Lumiere brothers shoot the "first Film Ever" called "Workers Leaving the Factory". Opened in Paris December 28, 1895
  • Father of Special Effects

    Father of Special Effects
    George Melies known as the "Father of Special Effects" created "The Haunted Castle" He used transitions such as disolves and fade outs/ fade ins. He also used double exposures, time lapse, cross-cutting, camera panning, and on-location shooting.
  • First Public showing of a motion picture

    First Public showing of a motion picture
    First public showing of a motion picture to a paying audience - April 23 1896 in Newyork. Featured Edison and Tomas Armats's Vitascope.
  • A trip to the Moon

    A trip to the Moon
    George Melies Shoots "A Trip to the Moon" making the very first significant use of special affects and narrative voice-over in a film.
  • One of the first american narrative films

    One of the first american narrative films
    "The Life of an American Fireman" released by Porter "Father of the story of film" became one of the first american narrative films. It built aa continuous narrative.
  • First successful American Filmaker

    First successful American Filmaker
    Lois Weber becomes the first successful American Filmaker. She earned $5,000 per week - the highest paid women director of the silent era.
  • Mary Pickford

    Mary Pickford
    Mary Pickford from Canada created her own Film Corporation in Hollywood. Pickford became the first movie star to form and own a film company.
  • The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

    The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
    The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari is released, Lev Kuleshov helps found the Moscow Film School, which leads to the development of the montage. United Artists is formed by D. W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks; Louis Delluc and Ricciotto Canudo found the FIRST of many French societies for the preservation and presentation of the great films.
  • The Sound Era begins

    The Sound Era begins
    The Sound Era begins when "The Jazz Singer" opens on 6 October featuring a soundtrack. It was 270 minutes , but later it was re-released to its original 5-hour length in 1981.
  • First Movie from the Marx Brothers

    First Movie from the Marx Brothers
    The First Academy Awards presentation is held on 16 May,the Marx Brothers make their first movie, Cocoanuts.
  • Movies declare war

    *mid-1930s The television is introduced and the movies declare war.