history of film

  • first step in film

    edward muybridge takes a series of stills proving all four of a horses hovves are off the ground at one point.
  • das boxende kangaruh

    premeirs at first public projection
  • rough sea at dover

    considered to be first nature oriented film
  • oliver pike

    tought to be first british wildlife movie
  • the birth of a flower

    explores variety of plants as they bloom
  • the strength and ability of insects

    premires showing insects lifting things many times there own weight
  • terrors of the deep

    one of the earliest underwater motion pictures.
  • cinemetograph

    act passed by british that prevented cruelt to animals
  • men among sharks

    hans hass pioneers the use of self contained diving equitment
  • contracts

    1 year contracts are turned int a single picture or multi picture project
  • dalton trumbo

    first black listed writer to receive credit for writing
  • writers guild

    abandons rule that writer can be a communist