History of Film

  • First Motion Picture

    First Motion Picture
    Eadweard Muybridge sucessfully captured motion images of a horse galloping. This was done by placing 12 cameras with electromagnetic shutters along the a track and a thread was used to activated them.
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  • Film in process

    Film in process
    Inventor George Eastman introduces the Kodak Camera. A year later he created the standard transparent film base.
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  • First Motion Picture Camera

    First Motion Picture Camera
    Thomas Edison and W.K. Dickson develop the Kinetoscope, a device in which film is moved past a light.
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  • Cinématographe

    The Lumière brothers built a Cinématographe, a lightweight, hand-held motion picture camera. They discovered that their machine could also be used to project images onto a large screen.
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  • Trip to the Moon

    Trip to the Moon
    Georges Melies' 'A Trip to the Moon' is released, marking the first science fiction film and innovative use of special effects.
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  • Audience Expectations

    Audience Expectations
    Audiences are scared out of their seats by the oncoming train in Lumiere brothers short film ' L'arrivee du train.' Found Here
  • Give Credit

    Give Credit
    Credits begin to appear at the beginning of motion pictures.
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  • First 3D Film

    First 3D Film
    First commercially 3D film is released called 'The Power of Love'. It used anaglyph glasses with opposite coloured lenses creating the 3D effect.
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  • Spoken Words begin

    Spoken Words begin
    Warner Bros.’s 'The Jazz Singer', presents the movie’s first spoken words.
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  • First Cartoon with synchronized sound

    First Cartoon with synchronized sound
    Disney's 'Steamboat Willie' was the first Mickey Mouse film released and the first cartoon with synchronized sound. Retrived from
  • Drive-Movie Theater

    Drive-Movie Theater
    The first drive-in movie theater opens in New Jersey, USA.
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  • Technicolour

    One of the first films to be filmed using Technicolour was the 'Wizard of Oz' in 1939 using a three-strip film process.
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  • New Wave

    New Wave
    Late 50's, early 60s: French New Wave films burst on the film scene experiementing with new techniques and style. Found here
  • New Hollywood Filmmakers

    New Hollywood Filmmakers
    Mid 1970s a group of American film makers emerge on the scene with a cutting-edge style. These include Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Brian DePalma and George Lucas.
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  • VHS

    The first VHS recorder was released to the public in Japan by
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  • Disney buys Pixar

    Disney buys Pixar
    The Walt Disney Co. pays $7.4 billion for Pixar Animation Studios.
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  • Highest grossing film of all time

    Highest grossing film of all time
    James Cameron’s 3D film Avatar became the highest-grossing film of all time.
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  • 48fps

    Director Peter Jackson films 'The Hobbit' at 48 frames per second (fps). Found here