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History of Film

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    History of Film

  • The bet that made Film

    The bet that made Film
    A rich englishman,Sallie Gardner, bet to his friends that at a point, a horse can run so fast that all of his hooves would not touch the ground. he bet $25000. he provd it by using multiple camras and taking shots as the horse ran by, after looking at it, he not only won the bet, but discovered that if you ran by the shots quickly, it looked like the horse was actually running. he discovered film.
  • First horror movie

    First horror movie
  • Thomas Edison Created the Kinetoscope

    Thomas Edison Created the Kinetoscope
    Thomas Edison Created a machine known as a Peephole Kinetoscope. it used multiple images of a scene and flashed them quickly, making it look like they are moving. but the machine can only be used by one person.
  • Kinetoscope goes to public

    Kinetoscope goes to public
    Kinetoscope Reached the Public. became femous eventhough movies were extreamly short.
  • Cinema invented

    Cinema invented
    the Lumiere Brothers created a Projection machine(even though Edison invented it first, but did not show to public because he wanted to make money.) and used it in the public. this created small theaters for groups to see short movies.
  • First Color Film

    First Color Film
  • First Narrative Film

    First Narrative Film
    the first film with a narrative story was "The Great train robbery".made by an employee of Thomas Edison. it was considered a Real Epic.
  • MPPC Founded

    MPPC Founded
    Motion Picture Patents Compony founded by Thomas Edison. it was sucessful and became a monopoly, but it regulated all films, restricting Private films.
  • First documentary

    First documentary
  • MPPC Terminated

    MPPC Terminated
  • First YouTube Video

    First YouTube Video