History of Electricity

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    History of Electricity

  • Static electricity

    Static electricity
    A man named william gilbert was an english phisisit who was the first mann to studie static electricity.
  • Therory proved!

    Therory proved!
    Benjamen frankiln discoverd electricity by conducting a exning to hit the experiment with a kite an a key attached to the string while flying it during a thunder storm and getting a bolt of lightning to hit it and staying in the metal key.
  • Elictric Body

    Elictric Body
    Guigi Galavani found out that mucles move when a electrical pulse is put throught them he experimented this theroy on a dead frog and put it out in a rainstorm attached to a big brass pole and every time the pole was shocked the frogs mucles moved.
  • The first wet batterie

    The first wet batterie was produced by a man named Alessandro Vola.It was made out of zinc and silver an was sitting in asolution of acid.
  • Electricly magnitised

    Hans Oersted first discoverd that there was a connection between electricity and magnitisim. He found if you ran electricity yhrough a wire it would make a small magnetic feild.
  • detecting electricity

    In 1821 a man named Jhon Schweigger invented a gadget called the galvanometer which is used to detect electrical currents.
  • The electric Motor

    The electric Motor
    In 1821 a man named Michael Faraday invented the first ever electric motor.
  • The first Electromagnet

    The first electromagnet was made by a man named W.Sturgeon
  • Transformers Robots in disguise!

    The transformer which is a divice for changing the voltage of the electricity was first made by Michael Faraday.
  • The Telegraph os Ticking

    The Telegraph os Ticking
    Samule morse invented the first electronic for of long distance communication by inventing the telegraph and to send the mesages the morse code
  • The First Dry cell baterie

    The first dry cell batterie was made by a man named G. Leclanche in 1866 and was a very convienent for of electricity.
  • It is all a lie!!!

    It is all a lie!!!
    If you think thomas Edison inventedd the electric light bulb you are acually wrong. A canadian man named Henry Woodward accually invented the light bulb and sold the patent to him.
  • Honey can You Get The Phone!

    Honey can You Get The Phone!
    In 1874 a very famous inventor named Alexander Graham Bell invented a very early form of tellephone in Nova Scoia andwas very praised for it.
  • A new world record!

    Thomas Edison made the phonogragh which is also Known as the gramaphone which was an early form of record player.
  • An Idea That Formed Ideas

    A very famous inventer named Thomas Edison Who suposedly invented the light bulb that turned electricity into light. But he bought it from Henry Woodward wh is a canadian and than greatly improved it.
  • AHHH A warm car

    AHHH A warm car
    the first car heater was made by a canadian man named Thomas Ahearn in 1890
  • The fathometer

    The fathometer
    The fathometer which was a early form of sonar was made by a man named Reginald A. Fedison and he was a canadian. He made this to help the army see where nemy battleships were.
  • Sorting the Mail

    Sorting the Mail
    In 1957 a man named Doctor Maurice Levy invented the first ever letter sorting machine and for the people of that time sure beat sorting them by hand.