History of Electricity

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  • 200

    Chinese military

    Chinese military
    from 200 bce to 220 bce the chinese military comanders used compasses
  • Period:

    History of Electricity

  • May 25, 600

    thales discovered

    thales discovered
    Thales discovered in 600 bce in greece that when amber rubbed with animal fur attracted light objects.
  • May 25, 900


    Huang-ti was supposed to be the first person to use a lodestone for a compass.
  • May 25, 1200

    Ships get compasses

    Ships get compasses
    in the 1200's lodestones were being to be used on ships to navigate the waters
  • Otto von Guericke

    Otto von Guericke
    Otto built the first electric generating machine in the 1660
  • Intresting experments

    Intresting experments
    in 1700 many english men published there woks on experments they did. they removed air from glass globe, and made the globe roate while rubbing with a wool cloth.
  • hooland, pieter van musschenbroek

    hooland, pieter van musschenbroek
    they invented a storage jar. which they proved that electricity can be stored.
  • Ben franklin

    Ben franklin
    ben franklin conducted the experment when he took his keys and tied them to a kite and flew the kite in a thunder storm and the electricty in the air charged the string and sent it into the leyden jar
  • charles de coulomb

    charles de coulomb
    he was the first person to measure the amount of electricity and magnetism gentated in a circuit.
  • luigi galvani

    luigi galvani
    dead frogs muscles twitched when it was placed near an electrical machine
  • Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta
    he was born in como, italy. was a professor. he disagreed with galvanis hypothesie. his discovers led to invention of batterys.
  • Andre ampere

    Andre ampere
    was a french mathematician and scientist. he did important experments on electric currents. he made it so we can measure current.
  • Michael faraday

    Michael faraday
    he did experments on elecricity and magnetism. his inventions led to the inventions of the motor, genrator, transformer, telegraph, and telephone.
  • thomas alva edison

    thomas alva edison
    he invented the incandescent light bulbs. it took him years to find the right filiments.
  • Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla
    was one of thomas edisons employees, he was also an inventer from croatia. he invented AC electric.