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History of Earth and Earth's Life Forms

  • (January 1, 2012) Big Bang

    (January 1, 2012) Big Bang
    Universe begins by a massive release of energy from a point of singularity that creates all matter in the universe.
  • Rocks

    Sedimentary rocks form on earth due to cooling of magma, this gave earth a more stable and functionsing shape as a planet.
  • Volcanoes and Bacteria

    Volcanoes and Bacteria
    Volcanoes emit gas that help eart create an atmosphere, and Archea bacteria begin to populate the surface, therfore creating the first stages of life.
  • Stromatolites

    Stromatolite fossils from this era of earths history have been found that form in shallow water. Whese are some of the earliest examples of life.
  • Photosynthetic Bacteria

    Photosynthetic Bacteria
    Photosynthetic bacteria arises, releasing carbon dioxide into the air. Cyanobacteria also photsunthetic, and helps pave way for more advances creatures.
  • Earth at its Finest

    Earth at its Finest
    Earth begins to appear as it does today as volcanoes settle down and oxygen is in atmosphere with ozone layer.
  • The big guys needs the little guys....

    The big guys needs the little guys....
    Larger anareobic bacterium ingests smaller aerobic bacteria, and both benefit from arrangment as big one porvides protection and smaller one provides energy. Oxygen levels also reach todays levels.
  • Endosymbolic

    Endosymbolic aerobic prokaryotes evolve into eukaryote cells and allow for more advanced cells to develop
  • Ozone

    The Ozone layer develops and DNA begins to form in cells.
  • Hooke

    Microscope was invented by Robert Hooke. Allowed scientist to venture in space. Franseco Redi theorizes he idea that organisms originate directly from nonliving matter.
  • Spallanzani

    1729-1799 Lazzaro Spallanzani discovered that microorganisms were not created by air but other micro organisms by boiling broth. This concluded that bacteria could be killed by heat. Radiometric dating was descovered.
  • Pastuer

    Louis Pastuer objected Lazzaro’s theory. Concluded that bacteria and color change occurred from microorganisms within the air.
  • Fox and Cech

    Fox and Cech
    Scientist discovered a meteorite that had accumulated material from earth. Stanley L. Miller and Urey proved that sparks could be created in an atmosphere such as early forming gases in earths early stage. This was significant because it provided an explanation for creation of new elements. Thomas Cech discovered in 1982 that RNA can splice itself, showing that life can originate from RNA. Miller-Urey experiment tried to simulate conditions of the early earth in order to show the chemical orig