History of 'Cyberpunk'

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  • Use of the word 'punk'

    The word 'punk' has always associated with someone in inferiority or someone whom was not a 'good person'. In 1928, the word punk began getting associated with the image of 'criminal'.
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  • Prototype Era of Cyberpunk film

    Key events: Words like computer, robot, cyborg, and punk are created; Computers like The Difference Engine and ENIAC are built, while Pascal, Boole, Babbage, & Turing make contributions; Isaac Asimov creates the Three Laws of Robotics; Alexander Graham Bell invents the Telephone; AT&T rises to become a monopoly; Late 60s counterculture; 70s Punk; Kraftwerk forms and changes music.
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  • Bladerunner

    The movie Bladerunner was released. This is considered the first ever movie to be filed in the cyberpunk genre.
  • William Gibson's first book of the 'Sprawl Trilogy' is published

    WIlliam Gibson publishes the first book of his 'Sprawl Trilogy' which is strongly based on the notion and genre of cyberpunk.
  • William Gibson writes about Japan as a contemporary cyberpunk setting in TIME magazine

    William Gibson, arguably the 'founder' of the cyberpunk genre writes an article for TIME magazine in which he describes modern Japan, namely Shibuya, Tokyo as a contemporary setting for all that is cyberpunk.
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