History of Cinema

  • First picture ever taken

    First picture ever taken
    In this year, was taken the first photo in the world.
  • First recorder sound

    First recorder sound
    The first recorded sound is a woman sing "Au Clair de la Lune".
    It was captured by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville.
  • First "Motion Picture"

    First "Motion Picture"
    Muybridge successfully photographed the gallop of a horse on a farm in California frame by frame, using a series of 12 stereoscopic cameras.
  • Beginning of domination of popcorn

    Beginning of domination of popcorn
    It all started when Charles Creator invented the first popcorn machine. With the public's adherence to street vendors, movie theaters got an idea of ​​earning more: selling popcorn at the door of movie theaters.
  • First celluloid camera

    First celluloid camera
    On October 14, 1888, Louis Aimé Augustin used an updated version (Mkll) of his single-lens camera to film Roundhay Garden Scene.
  • Period: to

    Kinetoscope and Vitascope were invented

    The concept of projection using a roller was also used by Thomas Edison in 1889, and later developed by his employee William Kennedy Laurie Dickson between 1889 and 1892. In 1896, Thomas Edison, despite the profits of the kinetoscope, faces competition. So, he introduce the Vitascope.
  • The Lumieres' participation

    The Lumieres' participation
    In this year, Lumiere brothers had invented their own device combining camera with printer and projector. It is called: Cinematographe. "Exiting the Factory" was the really "first" movie.
  • First movie theater

    First movie theater
    The first movie theater called "Atlanta" was inaugurated. But the first movie theater exclusively for films only existed after June 1905, with the opening of: "The Nickelodeon".
  • First Fiction Movie

    First Fiction Movie
    Called "A Trip to the Moon", it´s a Georges Méliès's movie, with assistance from his brother Gaston Méliès. It is a film that uses innovative features of animation and special effects, including the famous scene of the ship resting in the eye of "Man of the moon".
  • Immersive films

    Immersive films
    The first 3d movie was released: "The Power of Love". Despite this, it was only shown twice in 3D. After 2011, the public has lost interest in this technology.
  • Sounds inside Pictures

    Sounds inside Pictures
    "The Jazz Singer" was the first movie that combined images with sounds. It was produced by Warner Brothers. Also, it was one of the first five to win an Oscar.
  • Color Movies

    Color Movies
    Only in 1929, Technicolor finished improving its technology. Due to the Great Depression, the color technique was left out. In 1941, it slowly entered great classics.