History Of Cinema

  • First motion picture

    First motion picture
    1878 Eadward Muybridge filmed a horses motion with high speed stop photography.
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    History Of Cinema

  • Photographic Gun

    Photographic Gun
    In 1882 Marey created the photographic gun. Which could take twelve photos a second called chronotography.
  • Kinetophone

    Edison first sound system that provided unsyncronized sound.
  • Kinetograph

    William Kennedy Laurie Dickson created the Kinetograph. The Kinetograph could capture actual moving motions.
  • Kinetoscope

    Dickson created to Kinetoscope. The first movie motion projector.
  • DicksonsGreeting

    First public display of the Kinetoscope.
  • Black Maria

    Black Maria
    First Kinetographic theatre.
  • Black Smith Scene

    Black Smith Scene
    Edison held the first demonstration of films at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Science. Showing the Black Smith Scene.
  • Peep Show

    Peep Show
    Edison created a refined version of the kinetoscope. Which was coin operated for one viewer at a time.
  • First Kinetograph parlor

    First Kinetograph parlor
    Holland Brothers opened the first Kinetoscope Parlor at 1155 Broadway in New York City.
  • Phantoscope

    Charles Francis Jenkins used his phantoscope to display a movie on a screen for people to view.
  • Dicksons Expiremental Sound Film

    Dicksons Expiremental Sound Film
    The First known film with live recorded sound "Dickson Expiremental Sound Film"
  • The American Mutoscope Company

    The American Mutoscope Company
    William K.L. Dickson left Edison to create his own company the "The American Mutoscope Company"
  • Workers Leaving the Factory

    Workers Leaving the Factory
    The Lumieres brothers had the first on site film of workers leaving a factory.
  • The Kiss

    The Kiss
    Thomas Edisons filmed a 20 second video a couple kissing. First ever kiss on film.
  • The Gulf

    The Gulf
    The first two technicolor film was "The Gulf"
  • The Black Pirate

    The Black Pirate
    The First featue-length film using two techni-color filrm
  • Steam Boat Willie

    Steam Boat Willie
    First speaking movie created by Walt Disney with synchronized sound.
  • Frist Drive In Theatre

    Frist Drive In Theatre
    Worlds first frive in theatre opened in Camden, New Jersey
  • Becky Sharp

    Becky Sharp
    The first three-strip colored film.