History of Children's Literature by Brianna Quintana

By Bqsmurf
  • Bookstore Opened in London

    In the year 1744, a man named John Newbery opened a book store where he published and sold books for kids.
  • A Wonder Book) for Boys and Girls (1851/1893)

    The author, Nathaniel Hawthorne is considered to be one of the first authors to write a specifically for children.
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865/1992) and Through the looking Glass (1871/1977)

    Lewis Carroll's books were reprinted in English because they were written to make kids happy, where most books were written to be informational.
  • Child labor Laws

    During this year the first child labor laws were created which allowed students to go to school instead of being forced to work.
  • US Publishing House Macmillan

    This publishing house created a department that was dedicated solely to children's books.
  • Period: to

    Modern Picture Books

    During this time modern picture books began to develop.
  • John Newbery Award

    This year the American Library Association established this award.
  • First two woman children's books editors

    In the years 1922 and 1923 Helen Dean Fish and May Massee became the first editors for kids books
  • The Horn Book Magazine

    This magazine was published by the Bookshop for Boys and Girls in Boston.
  • Randolph Caldecott Award

    This award was created by the American Library Association.
  • Period: to

    Childrens and Young Adult Books

    During this time these types of books became more important in libraries, schools, homes, and publishing houses.
  • Coretta Scott King Awards(1970) and Pura Belpre Awards(1996)

    These two awards were established by the American Library Association. The first award is for African American Literature and the other for Latino literature.
  • Bilingual Picture Books

    During this year Harriet Rohmer established the Children's Book Press, which mainly created bilingual picture books.