History of animation

By tiab
  • H.W. Goodwin

    he invented nitrate celluliod film
  • Emil Raynaud

    opened his Theatre Optique in Paris with an archetype of animation created by his invention the Praxinoscope.
  • Thomas Edison

    invented the Kinetsocope
  • Louis Lumiere

    invented the cinemagraph
  • Thomas Edison

    opens his Kinetoscope Parlor in New York
  • Auguste & Louis Lumiere

    project their film, "Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory in Lyon-Montplaisir", at the Hotel Scribe in Paris
  • Recorded sound

    First magnetic recording of sound is achieved.
  • James Stuart Blackton

    makes "The Enchanted Drawing."
  • James Stuart Blackton

    makes the "Humorous Phases Of Funny Faces."
  • James Stuart Blackton

    makes another animated film "The Haunted Hotel"