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  • it all stated with a bet

    it all stated with a bet
    The bet was to see if a horse can have all 4 feet off the ground at once.They lined up cameras took a bunch of pictures and indeed the horse was off the ground.but the closer they looked from right to left they saw it looked like the horse was moving this inspired the idea behind moving pictures.

    When Thomas Edison had discovered there was money in the film business he quickly became hungry for it. So he invented the peephole kinetoscope. They were these personal movie viewers that were only 20 to 30 seconds long. But he would only give the movie theatre one copy of each movie so more people would pay to watch each movie.
  • Lumiere brothers

    Lumiere brothers
    The lumiere brothers did what Thomas Edison didn't want to do and that was make a projector for a room of people to see at once.The name of that invention was the cinematographe with the aide of this they bean developing short films that they would air in a Paris cafe charging a 1 franc admission
  • Nickelodeon arrives to the scene

    Nickelodeon arrives to the scene
    vaudeville was very popular at the time. In an attempt to beat out the competition they started featuring short films as well as their other performances. Nickelodeons were small storefront type theaters
  • the great train robbery

    the great train robbery
    A good friend of Thomas Edison named Edwin Porter created the first U.S. narrative film. The film was called The Great Train Robbery. It had 14 scenes and it lasted roughly 12 minutes
  • popularity of nickelodeons rises

    popularity of nickelodeons rises
    Nickelodeons were getting 26-million viewers a week 5 years later that doubled
  • Motion Pictures Parents Company

    Motion Pictures Parents Company
    Led by Thomas Edison several companies formed a collective called the (MPPC). There plan was to basically control the whole film business.I f an independent film tried to compete their studios would be raided.
  • Early days of film

    Early days of film
    In the early days of film they were primarily located in New York.This would soon change for 2 reason (1.Many films were shot outside (2.On the west coast MPPA was not in control and the weather was consistent (3.and they could flee to mexico if needed