History Cold war

  • Quebec's Padlock Law

    Protect Government from comunist Propoganda.
  • Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair

    Gave Canadian Government info on what the Russians are doing.
  • Berlin Blockade

    Seperated all of the comunist countrys from the rest of Europe. (Iron curtian)
  • Continental Alliances: NATO

    This was a treaty based on the North Atlantic Treaty, saying that if any country is in trouble they will go and fight with them and try to make sure that inicent people aren't hurt.
  • "The Forgotten War" - The Korean War

    This war was over if the country was to be a Fashist country or a Democratic country. From 1910 to then end of WW2 the southern part of Korea was controlled by Japan, then Korea took that over again. And finally got split into North and South Korea, North being a Fashist country and South being a Democratic Country
  • Continental Alliances: NORAD and DEW line

    The DEW line was built during the cold war to detect any incoming attacks coming over the poles, to alert the people of North America
  • Vietnam War and Draft Dogers in Canada

    During the Vietnam war people who deserted thier own military, tryed to come to live in Canada.
  • UN Peacekeeping: The Suez Crisis and Pearson wins Nobel Prize

    Arab country wanted to take control of the "Holy Land" Isreal. During this conflict the US supported the Isreal government. But the Soviet Union supported the Arab countries.
  • Sputnik and Canada's spaace program

    Sputnik1 was a Satellite that was used to observe North America. At this time the Soviet Union and USA were in a race to see who could get a satellite into space first. The Soviet Union won, this scared North America, because they thought that they would try to bomb the USA using this satellite.
  • Avro Arrow and Its Cancellation

    The Avro Arrow was a fighter jet that could fly at super sonic speeds. The Canadian government pumped money into this research but after two years they cut the funds for the Arrow and 14000 people lost thier jobs.
  • Diefenbaker, Bomarc Missiles and Nuclear Warheads in Canada

    In 1958 John Diefenbaker (Prim Minister at the time) following the NORAD agreement used 56 Bomarc missiles in Ontario and Quebec, but this was only found out in 1960. This caused people to think that they used Nuclear weapons in Canada.
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis

    This was when Canada and the US speculated that Cuba had nuclear weapons and we in contact with the Soviet union to use them on the USA, and turning this stand off, into a Nuclear war.
  • Canadian-Soviet Hockey Series

    The Super Series was between Canada and the USSR, this was an 8 game serries. This was the first competition betwwen the USSR team and the Canadian team made up of professional players from the NHL.
  • The fall of the berlin wall

    In Poland, Hingary, and Czechoslovakia Communism began to die, and on the evening of Nov 9th the West German governement stated that the wall will come down because they wanted to make the two side equal.
  • The Fall of the Soviet Union

    In 1991 the Soviet union desperced into 15 differnt countries, this also marked the end of the Cold War, and was treated as a victory for freedom in the west.