History 7

  • 1095

    Pope Urban II calls for the Crusades

  • 1200

    The commercial revolution

    The Europeans developed a new society where people would get their success from hard work and ingunenty. This was called the Commercial revolution.
  • 1254

    Marco polo's birth/ journey

    Marco polo was born in 1254 to a family of merchants. At the age of 17, Marco started his journey exploring the world.
  • 1293

    the end of the polos 2 year journey

    The polos began their journey back home with many new items and goods. slowly the crew had deceased due to storms and weather but eventually they made it back home.
  • 1298

    "The travels of marco polo"

    Marco Polo was captured and became a prisoner of war. In prison, he had written a high-selling book on the journey of Marco Polo. He told the people the things he saw that others hadn't.