History 7

  • 1095

    Pope urban II calls for the Crusades

    The pope called for a series of holy wars to win back the holy land from the Muslims in the east
  • 1200

    commercial revolution

    the commercial revolution led to a movement of goods and trade that shifted the power from landowners to merchants and everyone could be equal
  • 1254

    Marco polo Birth

    Marco polo was born into a merchant family and was born in Venice, Italy and lived near a center for trade and commerce
  • 1293

    Marco polo journey home

    Polo started his travel home with lots of goods including ivory, jade, jewels, porcelain, and silk
  • 1298

    Marco polo in the war

    Polo became captain of a galley-ship in war against genoa Veinces rival and then he got captured where he found a writer that told him to write his journey down
  • 1300


    This was when Europeans started having an interest in the Greek and Romans products and this lead to the new inventions. It also continued till the 17th century.
  • 1440

    printing press

    the printing press printed multiple items like books and religious text. It also shared people's works.
  • the scientific revolution

    The Europeans studied the arts, science, mathematics, and writing of the Romans and the greeks. This lead to a evolvement in all of those (previously listed) sources and new machines