• 551 BCE

    Confucius was born

    Born in China, became a philosopher and spread peace throughout his life
  • 470 BCE

    Socrates was born

    He was born and raised in a way that bent his character to become a heavy influence on western civilisation today.
  • 432 BCE

    The Parthenon

    A greek building used for worship ceremonies and concerts
  • 356 BCE

    Alexander the Great born

    A great ancient greek who fought bravely in many battles.
  • 100 BCE

    Julius Caesar born

    A roman leader and warrior
  • 69 BCE


    One of the most powerful pharaohs in Egypt and was the last active ruler.
  • 5 BCE

    Jesus Christ

    Said to be "God's" son
  • 1412

    Joan of Arc born

    A leader of women and war
  • 1452

    Leonardo Da Vinci born

    An inventor, artist, philosopher and mathematician
  • 1475

    Michelangelo born

    The greatest renaissance artist
  • 1533

    Elizabeth 1 born

    The first queen of England
  • George Washington born

    The first American president
  • Mozart born

    Mozart was one of the greatest musicians of all times
  • Napoleon born

    A French military leader who lead the french revolution.
  • Abraham Lincoln born

    Said to be the father of modern America
  • Eiffel Tower opened

    A marvel of engineering for it's time
  • Shakespeare

    Born in England, he was a great playwright, inventing over 1700 words in his life.
  • WW1

    A terrible war that lasted 4 years.
  • WW2

    A terrible war that lasted six years
  • Moon landing

    After years of preparation, NASA sent three men into space, Neil Armstong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. They were the men said to be the men to start a new era of space travel.