History 125B

  • Slave Trade becomes illegal

  • Slavery Ends in New York

  • Slavery Ends in Conneticut

  • Compromise 1850 - Fugitive Slave Act

  • South Seceded

  • Lincoln Offered Compensated Emancipation

    enacted in 1862 in D.C.
  • Slaves able to enlist in union army

  • Homestead Act

    Land could be claimed (160 acres)
  • Emancipation

  • Johnson advocates recolonization (Back to Africa)

    1864 - Speech saying he's Moses of the Negroes
  • 13th Amendment - South loses

  • Presidential Reconstruction

    1865-1866 Presidential Reconstruction under Johnson - abolished Special Field Ordinance Jan 16(40acres and a mule), and established Black Codes
  • Creation of Freedman's Bureau

    Financed education - FISC & Howard, 4,000 schools, Mediated Labor Disputes (ch.2), Health care
  • Radical Reconstruction Begins

  • Military Reconstruction Act

    Split South into 5 districts
    Could re-enter if they had black senators, new constituion with black vote, and ratify 14th amendment
  • 14th amendment - Right to Vote

  • 15th amendment

    Voting not prohibited by race, color, or previous condition of servitude less than 20yrs after slavery more than 700k Blacks registered to vote. mostly in the South (90%)
  • Hiram Revels

    First Black Senator - Mississippi
  • Mississippi had at least 10 Black Senators 1874-75

    they had removed requirement of owning property
  • Reconstruction becomes less popular

    Political Cartoonist changed his views
  • 1875 Civil Rights Act

    Banned racial accomodations in public places
  • Freedman's Memorial Dedication

  • Hayes gains voter support by promising to end reconstruction

  • 1877 - End of Radical Reconstruction

    Depicted as way to punish the South for Civil War
    --Blacks were puppets of the federal gov't
    Political Corruption
    Black Political Competence
    --ambition, knowledge = THREAT to racial heirarchy
    White Terrorism - KKK and others
  • End of Reconstruction

    Historians legitimized view that Reconstruction was an era of Black Supremacy
    Seen as punishment from the North
    Fredrick Douglass - violence would follow,
  • Exodusters --> Kansas

    6k Blacks from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi
  • Repealed 1875 Civil Rights Act

    Mandated equal accomodation
    Started legal cases to end reconstruction and begin Jim Crow
  • Lousiana Separate Clause Act

  • Bull Weevil

    Destroyed Cotton plantations - layoffs, unemployment crisis
  • Atlanta Exposition Address

    Booker T. Washington
  • Plessy V Ferguson

  • NAACP Founded

    W.E.B. DuBois
  • Birth of a Nation

    D.W. Griffith - Based on Clansman (Dixon)
    Obsessed with Miscegenation
    To remind Americans of reconstruction
    Whitewomanhood = purity of nation
  • Great Migration 1916-1930

    New Negroes saw life as stagnant in the South
  • East St. Louis Race Riot

    Major race riot
    More vicious - locked people in buildings before set on fire
    6k left homeless, 150+ Black people killed
  • Marcus Garvey arrived in Harlem

  • US enters WWI

    Draft -- immigrants to the jobs instead of Black women
    They could travel Europe (France)
  • NAACP - Silent Protest Parade

    NAACP response to East St. Louis Riots
  • Garvey Started his Speeches

    Mass followin through radio
  • Pan-African Congress - end colonialism

    Wilson - the language of the conference inspired minorities around the world
    Black servicemen - 400k men served during WWI
  • Red Summer Chicago Race Riot

    Worse - retalliation
  • Harlem Renaissance

    The New Negro - Alain Locke' Anthropological work
    Zora Neale Hurston
  • Black Start Line defunct

  • Alain Locke Coins New Negro Movement

    Ph.D. Philosophy Harvard
  • Garvey deported

    Black economic development
    Platform for separation
    Wanted to connect Black people in US to Black people in Africa
  • Great Depression

    exposed limitations of Harlem Renaisance
  • Roosevelt's New Deal

    Effort to revitalize economy
    WPA- Works Progress and Administration - Slave Narratives
    Social Security
    Housing Authority
    FERA- welfare $20
    More government employment
    In the South it often excluded Black people
    Social Security excluded from farm laborers and domestics (Black)
  • Mary McLeod Bethune chosen as Lead Advisor on Military Afairs

    Developed Black cabinet under Roosevelt administration
    Able to directly address Black issues with President
  • Last Issue of the Negro World News Paper