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    us history

  • safety bikes

    Bikes used to have large front wheels.It made it easier to fall off your bike.Many women had large dresses so it was harder for them to ride a bike.
  • contruction of the canal

    This canal made it easier to ship and return goods to the united states.The canal allowed anything from anywhere to be brought to the states without the long hastle.It made it much easier for everyone to sell and buy trades.
  • reconstitution of civil rights

    States could not pass discrimination laws.Many states had "black codes".President johnson vetoed it.
  • jim crow laws

    Jim crow laws allowed blacks and whites to be segregated.Blacks had their own outside utilities and whites had theirs. They even had black and white scool boundaries.
  • treaty of paris

    On december 10,1998, the united states and spain met in paris to agree on a treaty. At the peace talks,spain freed cuba and turned over the islands of guam in the pacific and puerto rico in the west indies to the united states. Spain also sold the phillipines to the untied states for 20 million.
  • the boxer rebellion

    China kept its freedom. But europeans dominated most of chinas large cities. So some chinese formed secret societies pledged to rid the country of foreing devils.
  • pure food and drug act

    Before any federal regulations were established. Food and drug manufacturers claimed thier products would cure anything from cancers to hair loss. Popular childrens medicines alson contained opium and cocaine.
  • The bull moose party

    Republican progressives refused to vote and formed a new third party, The progressive party. They nominated roosevelt for president. The progressive party became known as the bull moose party.
  • Federal income tax

    Ratified in 1913, The sixteenth amendment legalized a graduated federal income tax. It provided revenue by taxing individual earnings and corprate profits.