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  • First moving picture

    First moving picture
    Eaweard Muybridge was the inventor of the moving picture when he placed a $25,000 bet on that a horse ,when it is racing, puts all hooves off the ground. His friend said otherwise and they wanted proof. Muybridge placed some cameras to take the picture of a horse and as soon as the horse ran he took a picture. He won the bet but he noticed that it looked like a moving picture
  • The first kinetoscope parlor

    The first kinetoscope  parlor
    In 1895, people payed to see a small moving picture. They payed a small amount of money and then they would put their eyes on this scope and they would see the moving picture. The only problem is that it was for only one person
  • First projector- cinematographe

    First projector- cinematographe
    In France ,also in 1895, the Lumière brothers made the first projector the cinematographe. The projector projected about 30-60 seconds of a small film such as a man falling off a horse. They also were really cheap as it was one franc which is about $5.
  • Nickelodeons

    Around the 1900s vaudevilles a collection of small skits and comedy routines started to add these short films. Later the vaudevilles called the short films nickelodeons as the only cost a nickel to watch. The nickelodeons were sort of a pass time for the next group.
  • First narrative film

    First narrative film
    An employee of Thomas Edison, Edwin Porter, made the first U.S. narrative film. It was the "Great Train Robbery". It was about 14 scenes and took about 12 minutes long which was pretty long at the time
  • First animated film

    First animated film
    in 1906 "The humorous phrases of funny faces" is a silent cartoon by J. Stuart Blackton. It showed faces being drawn and coming to life. It was 3 minutes long
  • MPPC

    Thomas Edison and many other companies wanted to rule over al the nickelodeons and started the MPPC. It stands for Motion Picture Patents Company. Their plan was to use raw film stock, projected equipment and film distribution to overpower any rivaling companies
  • Nickelodeon Uprising

    Nickelodeon Uprising
    By 1910, nickelodeons had about 26 Million views each week. Five years later it had nearly doubled that size. People started to realize that they could make a lot of money off of this because of the nickelodeons huge profit
  • Paramount pictures

    Paramount pictures
    Paramount pictures was made in may 8 in 1912. Their current CEO is Jim Gianopulos. Viacom si their current parent organization
  • First Movie in color

    First Movie in color
    Cupid Angling was the first movie in color. It was made by Leon Douglass.
  • Disney

    Walt disney made Disney a long time ago. It has made many great movies in the past. Mickey Mouse had been one of the most know character sin the world
  • First Sound Movie

    First Sound Movie
    The "jazz Singer" was the first movie with sound. It was considered a talkie a movie with a soundtrack. It was made with the vitaphone leading brand on sound-on-disc tech
  • Oscars

    Oscars were first awarded in 1929 to Emil Jannigns and Janet Gaynor. They were voted for best actor and best actress. Wings was the best movie.
  • Snow white

    Snow white
    Snow white was the first cartoon with sound and color. Disney's first movie was very popular in the 1930's. It was based off of a german fairy tale but we made suitable for children by Disney
  • Crusader Rabbit

    Crusader Rabbit
    In 1949 the series "Crusader Rabbit" was the first cartoon show. It wasn't directly made for T.V. but was released directly into syndication .
  • First movie with CGI

    First movie with CGI
    Westworld was a movie where a theme park made guests pretend to be cyborg shooting in a saloon but later the main character's friend died and he faces a grim reality
  • Star Wars

    Star Wars
    Star wars was made in 1977. It has been very popular for those years. It has been around for 40 years
  • Dreamworks

    Dreamworks started not long ago in 1994. Their First movie being Antz in 1998. They also made shrek.
  • First Video Game Movie

    First Video Game Movie
    Super Mario Bros: The Great Rescue to rescue Princess Peach was the first video game movie. It was made in Japan in 1996. It's a pretty good movie
  • IT

    IT is a movie made in 2017. It is a horror and should be a comedy film. I thought it was a really great movie