• Period: to

    Pueblo Mission System in SW & Florida

  • Naturalization Law of 1790 Passed

    Limited naturalized citizenship to "free white people."
  • Potato Famine in Ireland Began

    Began influx of Irish immigrants to America
  • Period: to

    Immigration Influx to America

    32 million immigrants
  • Seven Sisters of Mercy Charitable Organization Created

    Arrived from Ireland to NYC
  • Period: to

    First Railroads Under Construction

  • First NY Establishment of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd

  • The Homestead Act

  • First Southern Historical Society (SHS) Paper Published

    in New Orleans, LA.
  • Completion of the Trans Atlantic Railroad

  • The Sisters of Charity of the Founding Asylum Opens in NYC

  • Period: to

    The Gilded Age

  • Period: to

    The Grant Administration

  • Progress & Poverty Published by Henry George

  • Period: to

    Native American Boarding School Period

  • Francis Galton Writes About White Mans Burdon - Social Darwinism.

  • The Competitive Commonwealth Published

    by Laurence Gronlund
  • Henry George Tallies 68,000 Votes for NY Mayor Election

    Labor Party - Doesn't Win
  • The Sherman Anti Trust Act

  • Charity Organizational Societies Established

    in most Northern cities
  • Populist Platform

  • United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) Founded

  • Progressive Party Created

    T. Roosevelt breaks with Republican Party
  • First History of Progressive Movement Written

    By Professor DeWitt of NYU
  • Period: to

    KKK Rebirth

  • The Johnson Act Passed

    Changed definition of "free white people" from 1790 Naturalization Law; Redefined immigration law.
  • Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) Passed by Congress

  • The Agricultural Act of 1949

    Included distribution of canned or dehydrated foods through the Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court Decision

    Important decision that eventually led to desegregation
  • The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) Opens

    on the National Mall in D.C.
  • The Pueblo Food Experiment

    Pueblo artist Roxanne Swentzell created the challenge of 14 Pueblo people to eat a diet based on the food of their ancestors.