HIspanics in the 1950's - 60's

  • Oscar Winnining Time

    Oscar Winnining Time
    Jose Ferrer, first hispanic to win Oscar for his performance in "Crisis"
  • The Latino Lover

    The Latino Lover
    The Hit sitcom "I love Lucy" Premieres displaying one of the first interracial couple on tv
  • Stepping on the Music Scene

    Stepping on the Music Scene
    Sammy Davis Jr. becomes an overnight sensation after performing at a night club after the Academy Awards. He goes on later to do movies such as "Rat Pack".
  • Arriba, Arriba!

    Arriba, Arriba!
    Speedy Gonzales makes his TV debut as a cartoon.
  • In the Cartoon's

    In the Cartoon's
    Slow poke Gonzalez makes his TV debut as Speedy Gonzales's cousin
  • Frito Bandito

    Frito Bandito
    Frito Bandito makes television debut as the Frito Lay's Mascot for corn chips. Frito is known for stealing corn.
  • Music in the 60's

    Music in the 60's
    Carlos Santana, makes his musical debut with his group named the Santana's.
  • Oscar Winning Time

    Oscar Winning Time
    Rita Moreno win's Oscar for her performance in "West Side Story"
  • Tennis Star

    Pancho Gonzales dominates tennis pro tour.