Stem cell

Hisotry of the stem cell

  • Primer stem cell research

    Primer stem cell research
    In 1998, scientists isolated pluripotent stem cells from early human embryos and grew them in culture
    evidence has emerged that these stem cells can become almost any of the 200 known specialized cells of the body and, thus, may generate replacement cells
  • Stem Cell Federal Involvment

    The Federal Government is getting involved because of many people think they way to get stem cells is by abortion and alot of people think the fetus in the whom is considered a person. For me a fetus is a person i think it is wronge.
    The HHS Secretary, through the NIH Director, is required to review existing NIH and other widely-recognized guidelines on human stem cell research and issue new NIH guidance within 120 days of the date of the EO.
  • Placenta new source for stem cells

    Placenta new source for stem cells
    Scinentist have discovered that the after birth of the Placenta of a baby contains stemm cells. So they decided to get stem cells from the after birth instead of killing a fetus and having abortions becasue of all the new policies.
  • spinal cord repair

    spinal cord repair
    SWIIS REGULATORY AGENCY said that they seen spin healing in aminals and are ready to test it on people who are crippled.
  • recoveries from stem cells

    recoveries from stem cells
    From Ron Leuty his patients said that two out of three have been feeling less pain as the spin had been healing back to normal and he says it is a great success.
  • Stem Cell Reprots

    Stem cell reasherch get a mile stone from Drs. Shinya Ymanaka and John Gurdon for the achivement recongnized by Nobel Prize. Able to help spinal cord injury