Hilary W. Putnam July 31, 1926 - March 13, 2016

  • Education

    Putnam attended the University of Pennsylvania and studied mathematics and philosophy. He completed graduate school at Harvard and UCLA and obtained his Ph.D. in 1951. Ben-Menahem, Yemima. "Hilary Putnam". Encyclopedia Britannica, 10 Mar. 2021, https://www.britannica.com/biography/Hilary-Putnam. Accessed 8 May 2021.
  • President of APA

    Hilary became the president of the American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division), Between 1961-65
  • Reason, Truth and History

    Hilary published his book titaled Reason, Truth and History in 1981 dealing with some of the most fundamental persistent problems in philosophy. His goal was to remove the thought barriers that would prevent the discovery of solutions to these certain problems. Putnam, Hilary. Reason, Truth and History. Cambridge University Press, 2010.
  • Rescher Prize

    Putnam was awarded the Rescher Prize for Systemic Philosophy. Systemic philosophy addresses the "big questions," of philosophical interest University of Pittsburgh University Marketing Communications Webteam. “Hilary Putnam Wins the Rescher Prize for 2015!” Philosophy, 1 Dec. 1970, www.philosophy.pitt.edu/news-story/hilary-putnam-wins-rescher-prize-2015.