Henrik Ibsen

  • Birth

    Henrik Ibsen was born March 20th, 1828 in Skien, Norway
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    Henrik Ibsen

  • First Bancrupty

    Henrik's father became bankrupt and they had to move to a rural cottage when he was 15 (I don't know the day, only the year)
    This is a posotive micro conflict because this lead to his study in medicine and then his job as a playwrite and only his family was affected
  • Becoming a Druggidt Apprentice

    Hnrik became a Druggist Apprentice in Grimstad to train to become a doctor
  • The Housemaid

    During his studies to become a doctor he became involved with a housemaid nearly 10 years older than himself and they had a son that he contributed help to for the next 15 years. (The year is a guess) It is assumed that several of his themes in plays are inspired by these experiences.
  • Career

    He had a successful career as a playwrite for 50 years. His straaigh-forward plain language spoke in real life and people could relate to the plays
    People were against his play 'The Doll's House' which was a macro conflict
  • Entrance Exams

    In 1850 Henrik Ibsen went to Christiana (now know as Oslo) to prepare for entrance exams into a university. He was not accepted and gave up on his dream of being a doctor and started studying drama as a stage manager.
    This was a posotive micro conflict because it lead to his career as a playwrite and it was only him
  • Suzannah Thoresen

    Henrik met Suzannah Thoresen. They married two years later and they had their only son, Sigurd, in 1859.
  • Norwegian Theater Bancrupty

    He became an artistic manager at the Christiana Norwegian Theater until it went bankrupt. The years he was there were notable for his failures.
    This was a negative, macro conflict because lots of people were affected
  • Rome

    Henrik was given a grant and left for Rome. He wrote his first great play there in Italy. It was called 'Brand' and it's imediate success changed Ibsen's life emencly and he began to get a yearly stipend frlom the Norwegian as well as the title of a National Poet.
    Before his play was produced he was not well off and had terrible living quarters. This was a negative micro conflict.
  • Return

    Henrik returned to Norway in 1891. He had suffered a searies of strokes and was now bedridden.
    This was a negative micro event because he was dying.

    Henrik Ibsen died May 23, 1906 from a stroke
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    Resources and animal

  • Animal and reasources

    Henrik Ibsen was a fox because he compromized in bad situations such as when he failed as a doctor he became a playwrite.
    I got all information from the biography packet.