Heat Devices timeline

Timeline created by ebc
  • Instant Water Heater

    Instant Water Heater
    It was inevented by an englishman named Maughan. Not alot is known about it but it influenced the design of Edwin Ruud's water heater.
  • curling iron

    curling iron
    Charles L. Nessler,a German inventor that lived in London was the first person to curl his hair using Borax wax and a peice of iron. THis took him 12 hours to do.
  • Microwave oven

    Microwave oven
    Its inventor was Dr. Pency Spencer. He found the idea by accident when he was working on a vacuum tube called the Magnetron. WHile he was working the chocolate bar in his pants melted and he cooked other things then made a metal box with an opening where he fed the microwave power into. THat was the first microwave oven.