health maintenance for me in the future

  • age 20

    i will make better healthy living chooices and avoid injury to myself that is a big one for me im always hurting myself. i will alo follow my reccomendations given by my doctors. i will start to eat healthier and most of all no smoke.
  • age 30

    when i turn 30 i will maintain a healthy body weight and i will still work out like i do on a 2 day basis. i will continue to eat healthier as i age throghout the decade.
  • age 40

    its time to watch how i eat because i could have a health problem at this age and to prevent that i will eat 1 vegetable and fruit a day if not that 2 of each i will continue to work ot but probably limit to about a weekly basis.
  • age 50

    now im in the time of call of duty advanced warfare and now im 50 yearsold i have to start watching my ccholesterol levels and such limit workout to about weekly basis to 1 1/2 weekly basis continue to eat healthy.
  • age 60

    now things get a little complicated working out wil not happen as often but i will always eat healthy keep up with electrolytes and maintain healthy body weight.