Health Care Steps

By aamatan
  • Establishment of Pre-exsisting Condition insurance Pools

    A pre-exsisting insurance plan will provide new converage options to people who have been uninsured for atleast 6 months because of their condition.
  • Coverages

    Young adults are covered until they are 26.
    Free Preventive services such as mammograms with out co-pays.
    Insurance companies can nno longer rescind coverage: can't look for mistakes made by people.
    Appealing insurance claim denials
    no more lifetime limits on insurance coverage.
    regulating annuallimits on insurace coverage
    Children with pre-exsisting conditions cannot be denied coverage.
  • Help for Seniors

    Medicare perscription drug discounts
    preventive care for seniors
    insurance premium rebates.
  • Home and health care services

    The new community frist choice potion allow states to offer home and community based services to disableed individuals through medicade rather than institutional care in nursing homes.
  • Everything else

    Health Insurance Exchanges to be established: If an employer doesnt offer health care peopel will be able to buy insurance. Individual Insurance Mandate to Be Instituted:Under the new law, most individuals who can afford it will be required to obtain basic health insurance coverage
    Medicaid Expansion to Be Instituted
    Tax Credits for Purchasing Insurance
    Elimination of Annual Limits on Insurance Coverage
    Prohibition on Refusing Coverage Due to Pre-Existing Conditions or Gender