Haydn, Beethoven, and Mozart

  • Haydn is born!

    Haydn is born!
    Where: Rohraw, Austria
  • Haydn goes to Hainburg

    Why: get a musical education
    Where: 7 miles from family
    Often hungry and hand dirty clothess; neglected
  • Haydn goes to St. Stephens

    Where: Vienna
    Why: works as a Chorister
    Conditions: lived in crowded a crowded house with a family and 4 other choir boys
  • Haydn dismissed

    voice matures and so he is ultimately fired after playing a prank on fellow student
  • Period: to

    Haydn Freelance Composer

  • Mozart is born!

    Where: Salzburg, Austria
    1 sister name Maria Anna
  • Haydn works for Count Morzin

  • Haydn get married!

    to Maria Anna Keller
  • Haydn moves back to Vienna

  • Beethoven begins composing

    full compositions for a 4 year old...WOW!
  • Haydn to work for Esterházy family

    Apointed Assistat Music Directer to Prince Pal Antál Esterházy
  • Haydn becomes head Kapellmeister

    Why: the one previous dies
    What: in charge of all music for the family
  • Mozart goes on tour

    with his sister and father
    Why; so the kids would get noticed by royalty
  • Mozart composes ApolloHyacinthus

  • Mozart s Waisenhaus

  • Mozart's first Opera

    'La finta semplice'
  • Mozart returns to Salzburg

  • Beethoven's first performance

  • Mozart is married

    who: Constance
    father does not approve
  • Mozart composes and performs The Marriage of Figaro

    where: Prague
    huge success!
  • Beethoven's first trip to Vienna

    why: wanted to study with Mozart...but had to come home bc his mom was really sick
  • Mozart's last child is born

    who: Franz Xaver Wolfgang
  • Mozart composes The Magic Flute

  • Beethoven moves to Vienna

  • Beethoven begins to lose hearing

    characterizes his middle period
  • Haydn Composes the Seasons

  • Beethoven's Eroica

    at first dedicated to Napoleon
  • Beethoven's Christ on the Mount of Olives

  • Beethoven's Fidelio

    first and only opera
  • Beethoven's Appasionata

  • Haydn's Creation performed

    ...for the first time
  • Mozart's Requiem Performed for Haydn

    Where: the Memorial Service for Haydn's death
  • Haydn dies

    He is 77
    Where: Vienna
    who attended: Beethoven and Salieri
  • Period: to

    Beethoven gets sick :(

  • Beethoven's brother dies

    who: Carl
  • Period: to

    Beethoven takes a break

    why: Beethoven's other brother is sick
  • Period: to

    Beethoven's Late Period

    characterized for their intellectual depth, intense and highly personal expression, and experimentation with forms
  • Beethoven Dies

    where: Vienna