Hatchet timeline- Valgento

  • The Secret

    The Secret
    Brain was with his friend, and he saw his mother in a car kissing a mysterious man.
  • Brain's parents get divorced

    Brain's parents get divorced
    Before Thanksgiving, Brian's parents divorce because of his mother's cheating.
  • The Crash

    The Crash
    After Brian began his travles to visit his father in Canada, the poliet had a heart attack and died, causing the plane to crash.
  • Brian gets in the plane

    Brian gets in the plane
    Brain left from a small airport in Hampton New York.
  • Brian found the gut cherries

    Brian found the gut cherries
    After a horrible plane crash, and a frightining concusion, Brian was able to find some food when the birds lead him to a bush with the gut cherries.
  • Brian got very sick

    Brian got very sick
    Brian became very sick from the berries. The night between the 26th adn the 27th.
  • The Bear

    The Bear
    When searching for a new food sorce, Brian sees a bear in the medow with the rasberries.
  • The Porcupine

    The Porcupine
    After a day of searching for food, Brian went to his shelter for the night. That night he was awoken by a porcupine and saw the flames that came from hit hatcher hitting the wall.
  • The Fire

    The Fire
    Brain threw his hatchet at the wall with a 20 dollar bill, bark and oxygen. This is after the realization that came from the night before.
  • The missed plane

    The missed plane
    Brian is catching fish when he hear the roar of an engine, a small plane.
  • Brian finds food

    Brian finds food
    Brian is awaken by a night-time visitor, a turtle. Brian digs threw the ground and finds the eggs the turtle burried.
  • Brian tried to build a bow and arrow.

    Brian tried to build a bow and arrow.
    The day after Brian slit his wrist he tried to build a bow and arrow to gather more food. He failed a few times, making them with to slender of twigs. This is before ti jumps 42 days intot eh future.
  • The first feast

    The first feast
    Brian ate 20 or more fish
  • The cutting

    The cutting
    47 days after the plane crash he took the hatchet and cut his wrist.
  • Brian's mental change

    After the plane flew overhead and Brian missed, what could be his only chance to be rescued, he decided to slit his wrist with the hatchet. Then between a month and a half of time he completely changes his mental state and goes into hard core survival mode.
  • The Wolf

    The Wolf
    Days had past since the plane turned around and that is when Brian saw a wolf.
  • The skunk sprayed Brian in the eye

    The skunk sprayed Brian in the eye
    Brian was in his old shelter when a skunk came in searching for food. This was a flash back to him. It was also a realization that he needed to become more aware of his surrounding.
  • Brian made a pond for the live fish

    Brian made a pond for the live fish
    He modified his shelter and created a pond for live fish.
  • The Fool Bird

    The Fool Bird
    Brian killed his first meat. He had killed a fool bird. He needed to clean the bird and cook it.
  • The tornado came

    The tornado came
    Brian was asleep when a tornado, with rushing winds, hit the area of the wilderness that he was staying in.
  • The Moose

    The Moose
    When Brian was working by the lake, he was attacked by a mother moose.
  • Brian finds the plane

    He thinks about the empathy he has toward Jim or Josh or something.
  • Brian begins rebuilding.

    Brian begins rebuilding.
    First he rebuilt the fire and then he rebuilt his shelter. LAter he went to bed.
  • Brian tried to get the pack

    Brian tried to get the pack
    He attempted to get inside the plane and grab the survival pack.
  • Brian got the survival pack

    Brian got the survival pack
    After a day of stuggling, Brian was able to get the survival pack that would eventually save his life.
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    Brian found the survival pack and was feasting on the freezed dried food and a plane came for Brian.