hatchet timeline-palmer

  • the secret

    the secret
    when he learnd of his moms secret
  • dovorce

    when his parents split
  • the Crash

    the Crash
    A normal plane ride that went wrong with the pilot dead he must land in a sea of trees.
  • first day

    after the plane crash being buged by bugs and have ing no energy its time he started to get stuff going
  • home

    starts his home in a carved out rock
  • the bear

    the bear
    he found berys to eat so did the bear
  • the porcupine

    the porcupine
    at night a porcupine came in the cave rocke
  • fire

    hediscovers how to make fire
  • first feast

    first feast
    he finally cought fish and celebrated with over twenty fish
  • the missed plane

    the missed plane
    a plane flys by but brian was too late to gain its attencen
  • the cuting

    the cuting
    he thought suicide was the awnser it wasent.
  • skunks

    a skunk wallked in too brians home stole the eggs and skunked brian
  • the fool bird

     the fool bird
    brians sick of fish and is hunting foolbirds
  • the wolf

    the wolf
    wile hunting for foolbirds he sees the wolfe for the first time
  • the muose

    the muose
    while brian was celaning the foolbird a insane mose attacked
  • tornado

    a tornado hits the foresct brians in
  • building a raft

    brian builds a raft to get to the plane
  • rhe rescue

    rhe rescue
    after brian starts his feast a plane landed and rescued brian