Hatchet Timeline - Maloney

  • The Secret

    This is when Brian first found out about the secret which was his mom was cheating on his dad for another man and his father didn't even know thats how the divorce came into play as well.
  • Dad moved out

    Broan's dad had to move out because Brian's mom wanted a divorce because she was dating another man behind his father back.
  • The Gut Cherries

    Brian was looking for food and found these berries he was cautious on eating them at first but realized the birds were eating them so they wouldn't kill him or anything. He later found out that they weren't as good as he intended the were.
  • The Crash

    Brian was flying the plane since the pilot had a heart attack. He realixed that he was going to run out of gas soon and was trying to cash land the plane in a lake rather then land so it would be safer.
  • The Heart Attack

    The pilot was having bad aches pains. He thought it was something that he ate. A few minutes after they were getting worse then it was to late that he was having a heart attack and died.
  • When Brian found the raspberries

    When Brian found the rasperries he ate them like no tomorrow the night beofre he had eaten nasty gut cherries and after eating one of the sweet, lucgurious raspberries he decided to take some back with him to his shelter.
  • The Bear

    When Brian was picking the raspbeerries, right behind the bush was a black bear he was lucky enough to escape this time.
  • The First Feast Day

    When brian finally caught a fish today he was so happy that he could actually eat something more then raspberries.
  • The Wolf

    He ran into a pack of wolves at least four and
  • The Cutting

    This is when Brian went emo because nothing was going right and he had nothing. He didn't know what to do so he was so depressed that he started to cut himself.
  • The Foolbird

    Brian was getting the hang of watching the foolbirds, but could not catch them then he realized that he had to comoe at them at an angle and shoot the bow really quick that's how he got his first foolbird.
  • attack by poircupineAThe Porcupine

    A porcupine came into Brian's tent and spewed his quills into Brian's leg.
  • Brian makes a bow

    Brian figured that his spears weren't working so he was thinking of making a bow so that the aroow could fly faster to kill (mainly the foolbirds) the food he was going to eat.
  • The Missed Plane

    This plane flew over and Brian ran as fast as he could to make a signal fire with no luck and the plane soon flew away without seeing him.
  • The Skunk

    A skunk also came into his shelter and sprayed him in the face which was just like peper spray stung and stank for many days after.
  • Moose

    Brian was washing his foolbird when he was bucked by a girl moose and was not taking any chances with him, then not much later he was hit with a massive tornado. Today was not his day.
  • Tornado

    Brian was hit very hard with a tornado the first he had ever been through, in the end he had lost everything.
  • Brian rebiult his shelter

    brain rebiult his shelter so he could still have something to sleep in and have some sort of shelter for he didn't know hoow much longer he would have survived in the wilderness.
  • The Rescue

    A second plane comes for Brian because of the radio transmitter went through and the piolet tracked the frequence to wear Brain was and he was rescued finally.
  • The Surviival Pack

    Brain after the tornado saw the tail of the plane sticing up which made him thought of what the plane had inside and he thought of the survival pack and what it had inside of it which could help him out more.