Hatchet Timeline - Gibson

  • Broken ankle

    Broken ankle
    Bryan broke his ankle when he was 8.
  • The secret

    The secret
    Bryan saw his mom kissing a strang man when riding his bike.
  • The crash

    The crash
    In the canadian wilderness, Bryan crashed the plane into a lake.
  • Heart attack

    Heart attack
    The pilot had a heart attack in the air when teaching Bryan to fly the plane, and then Bryan just let it fly, until he ran out of gas and crashed into the lake.
  • Hatchet

    Bryan remembered his mother gave him a hatchet and he had it with him.
  • Water

    Bryan decided to drink water from the lake.
  • The porcupine

    The porcupine
    When Bryan was sleeping, a porcupine payed him a visit and stuck him with the needles off his back and left Bryan's legs numb for hours.
  • The foolbird

    The foolbird
    Bryan decided to try and catch a foolbird for food, but it took hours until he finally found a good strategy.
  • The moose

    The moose
    A moose attacked him when he was trying to drink water from the lake.
  • Fish food

    Fish food
    Bryan decided to try and make a spear. This was so he could catch fish from the lake and eat them.
  • The skunk

    The skunk
  • The missed plane

    The missed plane
    A plane flew over Byan's shelter and he ran out waving his arms, but the plane flew away.
  • The fire

    The fire
    Bryan made his first fire. It took him hours to make, but he succeded. He used this for many purposses.
  • The bear

    The bear
    He was collecting gut cherries from a bush, and a bear stould tall above him. She most likey had a cub around.
  • The cutting

    The cutting
    After "the missed plane," Bryan got mad and cut himself on his hand accidently in a rage.
  • The wolf

    The wolf
    Bryan was walking by the lake collecting firewood, and across it, he saw a pack of wolves on a cliff.
  • New shelter

    New shelter
    Bryan began building a new shelter because of the tornado.
  • Skeleton

    After Bryan remebered there should be a survial kit on the plane, he built a raft and swam to the plane in it. When locating it, he saw the pilot, eaten away by the fish.
  • Tornado

    Bryan heard a loud swooshing sound outside his shelter, and before he knew it, a tornado throw all his things he made into the lake, and the plane was then floating on the surfice of the lake.
  • The rescue

    The rescue
    A plane flew over the lake, seeing the crashed plane. He landed it on the lake top, and just close enough that he could step on land without getting wet. Then he saw a young man, it was Bryan. Knowing a boy was missing after a plane crash, he asked Byran if it was him, and of coarse he said yes.
  • The First Feast Day

    The First Feast Day
    Bryan found LOTS of food in the survival kit (treasure), and decided to have a feast.
  • Back at home

    Back at home
    Bryan was rescued by the pilot, and returned home. His life returned to normal after a few more months, and the pilot of the crashed plane was retrieved from the lake.