Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

By Havardg
  • Voldemort returns!

    The muggle minister is visited by the minister of magic. They talk about the recent events, the fact that Voldemort has returned, the death eaters that have terrorized the muggles and Sirius Black
  • The unbreakable vow

    Bellatrix and Narcissa arrive at Snape's house because they believe that Snape is not on the dark side. Draco has been chosen for a mission by the dark lord, but Narcissa believes he will fail in his mission. Bellatrix then forces Snape to make an unbreakable vow to protect Draco at all costs and make sure he completes his mission.
  • Draco has gone bad

    Harry has developed a theory that Draco is a death eater, while Ron and Hermoine believe that Harry is overreacting. Harry sneaks into the Slytherin carriage and eavesdrops on Draco and his plans about serving the dark lord and not returning to the school next year. Draco notices Harry and puts a curse on him and lies the invisibility cloak on him in hopes of him staying on the train and returning home.
  • Snape is victorious

    Tonks find him laying on the floor and takes him to the castle. While Harry is eating and trying to heal after the curse that was cast on him Dumbledore makes his speech. He announces that Professor Slughorn is going to be teaching potions and Snape is teaching Dark arts. Harry objects, but Snape remains a professor of the dark arts. After the speech, Harry told Ron about what happened on the train.
  • The mysterious book

    In potions class, the class learns about a potion called Felix Felicis also known as liquid luck. Professor Slughorn challenges the class to make a potion to win the bottle. Harry, however, got a book which belonged to someone known as the "half-blood prince". This book had written instructions on how to make the perfect potion, therefore Harry won the potion with ease.
  • Catching up with Dumbledore

    Harry has a meeting with Dumbledore to discuss recent events. The professor shows Harry a flashback from when he visited Voldemort in an orphanage. Dumbledore offers Voldemort a scholarship at Hogwarts, and Voldemort reveals he has been doing magic for some time.
  • Harry's obsession and the necklace

    Harry is starting to obsess over the prince's book by trying spells on Ron while he is in bed. The next day they head to a bar called Hogsmeade where Harry is invited to a dinner party with Slughorn. When heading home they see a girl called Katie getting thrown into the air after touching a necklace and screaming with pain. When asked about the situation later Harry suspects Draco of casting a spell on Katie, but Ron and Hermoine dismiss it.
  • Liquid Luck and Quidditch

    When it is time for Quidditch practice Ron is terrible. He loses all confidence in his ability to be a good goalie. Before the game Harry pretends to slip the Felix Felicis potion in Ron's drink. During the game Ron plays extremely well, because he thinks that he has supernatural abilities. After the game Harry reveals that he never put the potion in, and Ron just realized that he is actually good at Quidditch.
  • Draco get's caught

    Draco was trying to sneak into Slughorn's Christmas party. He is caught by Filch who brings him into the room, just when he is about to get yelled at Snap comes in and takes him outside. Harry hears Snape trying to convince Draco of letting him help him, but Draco won't budge.
  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas eve approaches and Harry discusses the unbreakable vow with Arthur, Lubin, and Ron. They are all skeptical about Malfoy being a death eater, but Harry keeps his suspicions. Eventually, the minister of magic shows up and he tries to convince Harry of supporting the ministry more.
  • The disturbing past of Tom Riddle

    Harry has yet another meeting with Dumbledore, and when Harry tells about the interaction between Snape and Draco. Dumbledore is nonplussed and doesn't know how to react. They watch a memory of Tom Riddle visiting professor Slughorn. They talk about Horcruxes, but the memory has been modified. Dumbledore sets Harry on a mission to find out what happened that night.
  • Ron is posioned

    After a potions class, Harry asks Professor Slughorn about the Horcruxes. Slughorn yells at Harry to never talk about this again. After the incident, Ron eats a box of chocolates which he thinks is for his birthday. They are a love potion from Romilda. Ron is smitten and Harry seeks help from Professor Slughorn who quickly whips up an antidote. Slughorn pulls out a bottle of mead, After only a few sips, Ron falls over, foaming out of his mouth.
  • Gamechanger

    Harry learns of a new powerful spell called Sectumsempre. In the book, it says to only use the spell on enemies, so harry thinks that the spell must be very powerful.
  • Liquid Luck in action

    Harry is still trying to get the memory of off Voldemort, after failing yet another time he decides to take the Felix Felicis potion. Immediately Harry gets a feeling he should go visit Hagrid. Harry meets Hagrid standing over the dead body of his huge pet spider, Aragog. Slughorn comes by and asks for a bit of venom from Aragog as it is quite useful for his work. Afterward, they head to Hagrid's house for a drink.
  • Liquid Luck in action Part 2

    Voldemort meets Slughorn and asks him about Horcruxes. Slughorn explains that they are a way of becoming invincible, but the price to make one is to take a life. Voldemort then asks if it is possible to make seven Holocruxes. When Harry shows Dumbledore the memory Dumbledore is not shocked, as this only proved his theory right.
  • Retrieving a Horcrux

    Dumbledore and Harry teleport to a cave in search of a Horcrux. Dumbledore slices his hand as they need to pay with blood to enter the cave. They use a boat to row out to an island in a lagoon within the cave. To get the ring Dumbledore has to drink a potion which makes him weak, he asks Harry to get him water. Just as Harry is going to get water, several creatures come out of the water and try to drag him under. He is saved by Dumbledore who conjures a ring of fire and they escape.
  • The Final standoff

    Harry chases Snape and the death eaters towards Hagrid's house. Harry tries to hit Snape with a Sectrumsemper spell, but Snape dodges. Snape wins the duel and reveals that he is the Half-Blood Prince.
  • Dumbledore's death

    After returning from their mission to find the Horcrux, Draco comes and confronts Dumbledore, Harry is watching from below. The death eaters come almost right behind Draco, but right as Harry is headed up Snape stops him. Snape then proceeds to go up the stairs and kill Dumbledore