Harry Houdini, By: Vicki Cobb,Non Fiction, Pages:128

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    Harry Houdini, By: Vicki Cobb, non Fiction, Pages:128

  • Pages:1-12

    These pages explain how what kind of tricks Houdini did that made him famous. He did tricks that were both life threatning but amazing. Tricks such as being locked inside of a milk can full of water. TOTAL:408
  • Pages 13-24

    Houdini's family was very poor so most of Hoiudini's tennage years were spent working so he could support hs family. But also in his Tennage years Houdini discovered that he could make money off of magic tricks which he preformed in public.
    TOTAL: 420
  • Pages 25-40

    Houdini becomes reconized as the king of handcuffs because of his amazing skill of being able to break himself out of any pair of handcuffs he is dealt with. He also begins preforming at the dime museum, a cheap but famous preforming area.
    TOTAL: 435
  • Pages 41-52

    Houdini begins asking people to bring him there own pair of handcuffs. Houdini eventually is tricked by a local sherrif when the Sherrif gave Houdini a pair of handcuffs with lead stuck in the lock. Houdini stops asking people to offer them there own handcuffs.TOTAL: 446
  • Pages 53-62

    Houdini finds more preforming jobs in England so him and his wife decide to move there for the next 5 years. While there Houdini discovers he can also escape out of Straight jackets by his trick of fully dislocating his own shoulders which he discovered he could do when he was a child. TOTAL:457
  • Pages: 63-76

    Houdini went onto preforming acts in Berlin. He began breaking out of famous jail cells which once held some of Germaanys most dangerous criminals. Because the citizins were afraid of there law enforcement Houdini gained a large portion of his fame in Berlin. TOTAL: 470
  • Pages 77-84

    When Houdini returned back to America he began to take up writing along with being a magician. He wrote books describing how criminals broke out of certain prisons and other things within that genre. TOTAL: 476
  • Pages 85-108

    When Houdini's mom died in 1913 Houdini fell into a deep depression. Along with depressiaon came more near death acts such as being barried alive and being locked in a crate underwater.But Houdini began to reilize that his body is becoming more fragil and is slowly becoming more weak.

  • Pages 109-120

    Houdini begins meeting up with former spirtitualists to see if they are a fraud within a few weeks of visiting with several od them he clearly announced and proved that they were frauds.
    Total: 510
  • Pages 121-128

    Houdini died from 3 punches to the stomach which ruptured his appendix and lead to a n infection. Houdini died on October 31 1926 and his legacy still lives on. TOTAL: 518