Harry Houdini

  • Born

    was born in budapest.hungary
  • Period: to

    Harry Houdini

    born in budapest,hungary
  • learned

    saw a traveling magic show. He was so inspired he learned to perform trapeze artist at age of nine
  • inspired again

    was inspired by a book he read about Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin
  • profesional

    became profesional magician
  • magician

    became a profesional magician
  • changed

    changed name from erik weiss to harry houdini
  • first show

    Harry Houdini's show took at the 1893 chicago world fair and in museam and in amusment parks
  • met singer

    met singer and married her
  • married

    got married
  • caught attention

    his escapes caught the attention of promoter and chain of theaters
  • hobbies

    made movies and piloted
  • most famouse stunt

    upside down water torture cell
  • died

    died of a infection