By Tasty
  • King Hamlet's ghost is spotted.

    Horatio and guards try to converse, but the dead king ignores them. The company then decides to inform Prince Hamlet.
  • Speaking with the Dead King

    Hamlet and company attempt to converse with the ghost but the King only speaks to Hamlet and asks for Hamlet to avenge his death.
  • Claudis and Gertrude Marry

    Not long after the death of his brother, the King, Cladius takes the throne and gets married to his dead brother's wife, the queen.
  • Hamlet begins his craziness.

    Hamlet begins to act more or less as if he is losing his mind and the new King and hamlet's mother assign a pair of Hamlet's friends to keep an eye upon him.
  • Mad with love?

    Polonious suggests that Hamlet is love crazed but this turns out to be false when they spy on the young couple as Hamlet dismisses Ophelia.
  • To put on a play of betrayal!

    A group of traveling actors put on a play for the King's court that depict's the murder of a King by his brother in attempt to capture a reaction of guilt or fear from Cladius, the new King.
  • The truth discovered...

    Upon the scene of the murder in the play, King Claudius gets up and declares that he has had enough before fleeing. Hamlet and Horatio now have their reassurance.
  • Praying without forgiveness.

    Claudius goes to pray but doesn't believe it will save him and is unaware that Hamlet is watching with the intention of murder to get his revenge.
  • To England!

    Hamlet decides to spare Claudius due to the fact that the King had been praying at the time and would have a chance to repent. Claudius has become paranoid and orders Hamlet to be shipped off to England.
  • "Oh, I have been slain!"

    While confronting his mother, Hamlet stabs Polonius, whom was hiding behind a curtain, thinking that it was the King. Hamlet is imediatly sent off to England,
  • Plotting a revenge

    After her father's death, Ophelia has drowned and died. Laertes is seen cursing hamlet later at her funeral when Hamlet appears and declares his love for Ophelia.
  • A "fair" match.

    Hamlet is challenged to a fencing duel with Laertes and is being suppoted by the King. Hamlet and Horatio figure something is up but decide to attend anyhow.
  • "Poison! There been a misdoing here!

    Laertes and King Cladius are indeed plotting to make the seemingly fair match a lethal one. Laertes poisons the tip of his sword and the King prepares a goblet of poisoned wine.
  • A plan gone wrong.

    During the fencing duel, both players are wounded by the poisoned blade but before either of them die they discover that the Queen had mistakenly drank the poisoned wine and died. Laertes then colapses as the poison starts to kill him but in his dying moments informes Hamlet about the King's intentions.
  • Typical Shakespeare

    Upon hearing Laertes' final words in death, Hamlet confronts King Cladius about the hidden truth before stabbing him with the poisoned sword and forcing Claudius to drink the remains of the poisoned wine. Cladius dies quickly and after a small speech, Hamlet dies as well.
  • All your base are belong to us.

    Fortinbras, a Norwegian prince, shows up soon after the royal family's massacre with an army in tow and declares he will be taking over. Horatio, as Hamlet's final request, recounts Hamlet's tragic story to Fortinbras. Upon hearing this story annouces that Hamlet shall be given a millitary burial and is carried out on soldier's shields.