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In Music
  • The Beatles

    This is the year the Beatles went famous.
    This has change the life of the Beatles
  • Jonny cash

    He was born on
    He was famous and had a good life
  • Kenny rogers

    Kenny rogers was born on
    When i first heard one of his songs i loved it and wanted to see hom in concert
  • Alice cooper

    Alice cooper is famous for most if not all of his songs.
    Alice cooper was born in and haven’t died yet
  • Elvis Presley

    The king of rock
    He was a very good singer
  • Elvis presley

    It was hard for my great gramma when elvis died
    Is was sad to hear he died after hearing his music
  • Metalllica

    Metallica is a great band
    Matallicawas formed in
  • Jonny cash

    He lived a good life
    He died on
  • Tompetty died

    Tompetty died a few years ago he was born in October 20 1950 and died in October 2 of 2017
  • Kenny rogers

    When i found out that Kenny died i was not happy because I wanted to go to a consort but his passing was very sad