Guts by Gary Paulsen

By weilanw
  • Heart Attacks, Plane Crashes, and Flying

    Heart Attacks, Plane Crashes, and Flying
    This book is about Gary's experiences and how his books are related to his own life. This chapter is about the Hatchet and when Brian gets in a plane wreck. The heart attack comes from when he was a volunteer EMT in his town in Minnesota he went on a call to a man's house who was having a heart attack. The man ended up dieing in Gary's hands. Also he gets the idea of a plane wreck from the time he was coming home from a hunting trip and the bush plane he was in had an engine faliure.
  • Moose Attacks

    Moose Attacks
    In this chapter he explaines why he wrote the part when Brian is attacked by a moose. When Gary was a kid he loved being in the woods and had a .410 shotgun. One time he went out to small game hunt and ecountered a moose. The moose had a discease and was crazy. The moose charged a tree and destroyed the tree because he thought it was a predator. Also he was in a swamp one day and was attacked by a buck and luckly got away with just some bruises.
  • Things That Hurt

    Things That Hurt
    In this one he explains one of Brians biggest trouble in the woods, mosquitos. They are terrible in the north woods of Minnesota much like Canada Where Brian was. One of his experiences was when he was sleeping one night he heard a bear fighting with his dogs and ran out in his underwear to see what was going on and was molested by bugs the second he stepped out of the door and had to run back in. This is how bad it must have been for Brian.
  • Killing To Live: Hunting and Fishing with Primitive Weapons

    Killing To Live: Hunting and Fishing with Primitive Weapons
    When Gary was a kid he didn't have the money to buy bows and arrows so he had to make his own. This is where he knew how to write in the Brian stories because he had experience. In the woods Brian had to make all of his weapons because he didn't have any. He made bows and spears much like Gary did as a kid. They are not easy to make. It takes lots of practice and a lot of time for the arrows.
  • Eating Eyeballs and Guts or Starving

    Eating Eyeballs and Guts or Starving
    This is one of the more disturbing parts of Gary's life. However it is one of the most important ones because without it he wouldn't be here. He has been stranded and had to eat turtle eggs mush like Brian. In his story he writes that Brian was so hungary and desperate to eat that he had to eat turtle eggs. He says that this is one of the worst things he has eaten. This must really be bad. He also says that the eyes of a fish are good food and protien.
  • The Joy of Cooking

    The Joy of Cooking
    In this final chapter he talks about all of the methods he has used in the woods to cook food and Brian also uses these. These are the types: hot water, fish or meat stew, plank food, spit cooking ( which he claims is the worst), pit cooking ( he claims this is the best way to cook meat). Those are the 5 most common ways of cooking food in the wilderness and I have had to use a couple of them when I was lost during hunting and they are not a good feeling to have to use them.