Gunning Bedford jr.

Timeline created by BluePZj
  • Birth

    He was born in Philadelphia (date unknown)
  • Period: to

    Gunning Bedfords LIfe

  • Federalist

    he was most likely becoming what he would be later in life
  • Education

    He graduated from the College of New Jersey.
  • Attorney general

    he was an attorney until 1779
  • Annapolis Convention

    He was chosen but he did not attend was not the last time either.
  • Revolutionary war

    He served in the continential army
  • Continential congress

    He was chosen to help with the convention.
  • 3/5ths Compromise

    He agreed with it and was on the commitie that made the compromise.
  • Constitution

    He supported the New Jersey plan. Did end up signing the constitution.
  • Federal District Judge

    George Washington deligated him to be a federal district judge for delaware.
  • Death

    He died at the age of 65.