Guess The Film Franchise

  • Clue 1

    Clue 1
    First live action film (of 7 currently) in the franchise is released
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    Guess The Film Franchise


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  • Clue 2

    Clue 2
    Michael Keaton stars in the 1989 version of the character
  • Clue 3

    Clue 3
    3rd film in the franchise released, it famously featured Michelle Pfeiffer in a catsuit, with Christopher Walken and Danny DeVito as the villains of the piece.
  • Clue 4

    Clue 4
    4th film in the franchise released, and is the first film in the frnachise to be directed by Joel Schumacher.
  • Clue 5

    Clue 5
    5th film in the franchise released, it is a critical and commercial failure and resulted in the franchise lying dormant for 8 years.
  • Clue 6

    Clue 6
    6th film in the franchise released with Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy playing villains.
  • Clue 7

    Clue 7
    The seventh film in the franchise is released, grossing over $1b worldwide and earning one of its actors an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
  • Clue 8

    Clue 8
    8th film in the franchise scheduled to be released, it will star such actors as Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy and Morgan Freeman.